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Youth Zine. A Sample of the Collected Works from Summer 2021.

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Anxiety By Harper Mulholand Anxiety One word Don’t mistake the power of it Stronger than many She makes everything feel extreme. Anxiety comes and goes, as mysterious as ever. When you're in her presence she consumes your thoughts; it seems as if no good memories or feelings can be seen. When her friends show up (Loneliness and sadness) show up, they infiltrate your mind. They’re a team - a horrible team - only one other team can stop them. Anxiety’s strategy is to always be there but hidden; when you show weakness she strikes. The one other team that can defeat anxiety’s team: Bravery’s team. Bravery’s team is made up of Bravery, Joy,and Hope. Anxiety is often defeated by them but her nemesis is bravery. Anxiety has a face that looks feelingless; she never lets her emotions show. She has hair that sticks out on one side. Her hair is an unexplainable color; it’s the color that bring back horrible memories of hurt But when you're in anxiety’s presence, just call upon hope and bravery and joy..

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Working Women By Quincy Fulton Bio: Quincy Fulton is a 7th grader from San Francisco. She enjoys the science of words, all types of art, and fashion..

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Home is… By Lucia Home is the empanadas fresh from the oven covered in sugar. The cinnamon and milk filling that is warm when you bite into it, a blanket for your tongue. The fun of making them together and laughing when one of them ends up looking funny and still keeping it and putting it in the oven. Home is the blue couch, even if it seems black. With a blanket on the back and where you sit. Sitting with my family and watching shows and movies together. A cloud where I relax while reading, drawing, and just taking a nap. Throwing the couch cushions back and forth with my brother..

Scene 5 (1m 58s)

The New Kid (Art and Story) By Karen Teranishi When I arrived at my new second-grade class, I was excited. There was a new play structure to play with, new classmates to meet, and new friends to make. The teacher asked this girl sitting a few seats away from me to show me around for the day. She was friendly, and everything was going well... until lunchtime. I walked behind her as she showed me the dining area, which was a group of several long tables under a big overhang, and me, not knowing anywhere else to go, followed her to where she would usually sit. I walked with her to the table where a lively group of girls sat. I assumed they were her friends. They asked her who I was, no, who “that girl” was, and the girl showing me around replied to them, “oh, she’s new.” But what she really wanted to say was apparent in her tone: The teacher asked me to show her around so I’m stuck with her . I was a burden to her. An annoyance. She asked me if I wanted to sit with her, and I declined, because they were already friends; I was the outsider. I didn’t want to force myself into the tiny spot on the edge of the bench. I ended up sitting alone at the empty end of a table, knowing that I wasn’t welcome here. I was the awkward new kid no one really wanted to spend their time with— and that was the tr uth. Karen is a young aspiring author who loves to read manga, or Japanese graphic novels. Her favorite series is “A Silent Voice” by Yoshitoki Ōima..

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r; cl,L 1.hc Over. holes tike. Course Name: Joy of Art Journaling: Interactive Writing Workshop Author - Siya Kumar (9 years old) A rock is a moon This rock that I found in my backyard looks like a moon. It looks like a circular, different colored shape. When you look at this rock in real life, you see that it has a line coming down, the line goes around the rock. It also has holes all over. It has a crack on one side and if you look at it closely it has a rough surface. It is also quite heavy. It is one of those normal rocks that you would find anywhere, It has different tones of color. This might also look like the moon because the holes on rock look like the craters on the moon. That’s pretty much all about this interesting rock..

Scene 8 (3m 57s)

The Nightmare Road Trip By: Elise Gallup The Wilkins had decided to go on a road trip for the summer. There was Mom, Dad, Sarah, who was 13 and Jaime who was 10. They started packing 2 days before leaving, they weren’t prepared. Sarah and Jaime fought often. They barely got their stuff in the car in time so they could leave. Sarah and Jaime started bickering as soon as they got in the car. Sarah said “Jaime is in the middle of the back-seat” “No I’m not” said Jaime! Mom and Dad couldn’t stop them. In 15 minutes Sarah had to go to the bathroom. Mom and dad said they couldn't find a gas station for another 10 miles so she’d have to wait for a few minutes. Sarah peed in her pants because mom and dad had no sense of direction. They arrived at a gas station, got gas and zoomed away. They left Jaime in the bathroom! He called after them but they didn't hear him. He figured sooner or later they would come for him. About 15 minutes away Mom and Dad realized they had left Jaime there and went back to get him..