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Agenda / الأجندة. 01. About WTC 02. Appointments 03. Courses for SEM 212 04. FAQs 05. Trying the Booking System.

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3. About WTC / عن مركز الكتابة والدعم الأكاديمي. Opened this month (April, 2022) Offer tutoring appointments and writing appointments to help PSU students with their lessons, projects, essays and research Appointments are for FREE this term All tutoring and writing sessions are ONLINE ( you can attend from home ) Appointments Times: 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM.

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4. Appointments / المواعيد. Appointments are offered by PSU instructors and students who got As’ in the course You can book up to TWO appointments each week You can book an appointment 7 days ahead and up to 2 hours before its time Female students can book appointments offered by female tutors. Male students can book appointments offered by male tutors.

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5. Courses for SEM 212/ المواد المقدمة للفصل الدراسي ٢١٢.

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6. FAQs/ الأسئلة الشائعة. Do I need to do anything before booking my first appointment? No, just register for an account then you can book an appointment right away. How Can I know how to register? T here is a tutorial video about registering for an account on the booking system homepage made by PSU students. How long is the appointments? One hours (60 minutes) Are the appointments group or one-to one? -Tutoring Appointments (explanation of subjects) = group -Writing appointments = one to one.

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7. The Booking System/ موقع الحجوزات. The Writing and Tutoring Center at PSU First Visit? Register for an account. Returning? Log in below. Email Address Password AVAILABLE SCHEDULES @ I. Writing Services (Male Campus) o 2. Writing Services (Female Campus) C) 3. Tutoring Services (Male Ca mpus) C) 4. Tutoring Services (Female Ca mpus) Check box to Stay 'Oued in LOG IN Having trouble logging in? Reset your password. Welcome to the Writing and Tutoring Center (WTC) at Prince Sultan University! We are the center of excellence here at PSU aiming to support undergraduate and graduate students through our academic tutoring and writing services. The WTC will be your go-to center to reach your highest academic performance. The WTC will offer its services in and english. The main services of the WTC are: Offering tutoring sessions on all disciplines (i.e., Accounting, Business, English, Mathematics, etc) & assisting students with their writing of outlines, assignments, and projects. HOW TO USE WCONLINE? How do make an appointment? How do attend my appointment? Please watch this short video below to learn how to register with our scheduling system and take advantage WTC's ERkk_services. Session Watch on.

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8. Let’s try out the booking system / لنجرب موقع الحجوزات.

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Thank you! ! شكراً لكم Any questions? هل لديكم أية أسئلة؟.