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A woman entrepreneur is a confident, creative and innovative woman, desiring economic independence individually and simultaneously creating employment opportunities for others.

What is Woman Entrepreneur ?

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Employment Generation

It implies that women entrepreneurs not only establish their enterprise, but provide job to others.

Women entrepreneurship is about women’s position in the society and their role as entrepreneurs in the same society.

In this way, woman entrepreneurs have an important impact on the economy in terms of their ability to create jobs for themselves as well as for others.

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Economic Development

It signifies that women entrepreneurs contribute to the gross domestic product of the country by establishing enterprises and producing goods and services.

Due to their entrepreneurial activity, women entrepreneurs bring dynamism in market.

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It implies that the involvement of women in industrial development ensure the effective utilization of all available resources (labor, raw materials, capital).

The issue of women in the industrialization process has been emphasized only in the last decade when the ‘Declaration of Mexico in July 1975’, the equality of womanhood and their contribution to individual development became the center of attention.

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Improved Quality of Life

It implies that women entrepreneurs are now economically independent and take decisions independently.

They are now capable of upbringing their children according to their wish.

They not only improve their living standards, but also the living standards of others by providing them the means of earning.


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Multitask Oriented

Women are known for juggling many tasks at the same time and still producing excellent results.

E.g. A woman can talk on the phone, open and read her email and schedule what else she needs to finish for the rest of the day all at the same time. Men have more trouble with this multitasking thing therefore sometimes they miss many opportunities.

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Branding and Marketing Themselves

They are so passionate and enthusiastic about what they choose to do that they just do not stop talking about it.

They don’t forget to emphasize the benefits of their services to their potential customers.

They understand how to emphasize the positive.

Women are natural marketers

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Women are Social

They can leverage social media in ways that can help jumpstart new businesses quickly and cheaply.

Whether it is engaging customers via Twitter, blog, forum or Facebook, they are good at gathering people and starting conversations.

By nature, women are social.

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Resourcefulness of Women


There are a growing number of work-at-home moms starting a business from their homes while taking care of their families.

Most do it to augment the income of their families, without leaving their homes.

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Famous Women Entrepreneurs


Dr. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Chairman and Managing Director of Biocon Ltd. The business and managerial skills of Dr. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw has made her one of the richest business entrepreneurs in India. She ranks among the elite ranks of the Indian business fraternity and is a member of premier business organizations like CII, MM Bangalore and others.

Ms. Ekta Kapoor


Creative head of Balaji Telefilms The daughter of star actor Jeetendra and sister of Tushar Kapoor, Ms. Ekta Kapoor is known in almost all Indian households for her K series serials. She is one of the front runners of Indian television industry and has been responsible for the huge profits of her company Balaji Telefilms. Balaji has made crores of profit under her.

Mrs. Sunita Narain


An Environmentalist and Political Activist A renowned social activist fighting for the importance of the Green concept of sustainable development, Mrs. Sunita Narain has made India proud. She has been currently chosen as the director of the Society for Environmental Communications. She was also awarded the prestigious Padma Shri award in 2005.

Mrs. Neelam Dhawan


Microsoft India Managing Director A major name in the Indian business scene, Mrs. Neelam Dhawan is the managing director of the Microsoft’s sales and marketing operations. She is well known for implementing business strategies which have earned enormous profits for Microsoft.

Microsoft India Managing Director A major name in the Indian business scene, Mrs. Neelam Dhawan is the managing director of the Microsoft’s sales and marketing operations. She is well known for implementing business strategies which have earned enormous profits for Microsoft.

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India is a male dominated society and women are assumed to be economically as well as socially dependent on male members. The absolute dependence seems to be diluted among the high and middle class women as they are becoming more aware of personal needs and demanding greater equality

Women entrepreneurs faced lots of problems at start-up as well as operating stage like, non availability of finance, having to perform dual role one at home and other at work. Technological advancement and information technology explosion have reduced the problem of women entrepreneurs.

More-over with increasing Government and Non-Government and other financial institutions assistance for various women entrepreneurs within the economy there can be significant increase brought about in the growth of women entrepreneurship process.

Thus, Women have the potential and the determination to set up, uphold and supervise their own enterprises in a very systematic manner. Appropriate support from the Society in and family members in particular is required to help these women scale new heights in their ventures.

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