WITHYAA KALADHARA skill development program

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Scene 1 (0s)

WITHYAA KALADHARA skill development program.

Scene 2 (6s)

T he Technical and voocational school. Have you ever offered your children an environment or a spot for Do It Yourself (DIY) at home?.

Scene 3 (16s)

S ome Inquiry questions. Have you seen a technician coming home for some repair work? Do you think he is educated as you are? Can he communicate well in English? Does he seem to be a professional person?.

Scene 4 (30s)

As we see around: almost cent- percent of our technicians: Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Auto Mechanics, Painters etc., are lowly educated; but they have hands-on experience. They may not be able to explain the Technical aspects as to what went wrong and how it is now rectified, but they would resolve the issue, knowing what part of the appliance isn’t working..

Scene 5 (50s)

Time to ask yourself. 5.

Scene 6 (57s)

think. How has an educated student failed to rectify a simple day-to-day issue that is solved by a less educated person?.

Scene 7 (1m 7s)

think. What is that he has in him which you don’t?.

Scene 8 (1m 15s)

It’s a skill. It is an ability to do something that comes from training, experience, or practice. So why do we need skills? want a job? Or want a job done?.

Scene 9 (1m 27s)

Now, think of the changed scenario. What if you are confident to find out the reasons why the tube light isn’t turning on or how to deal with a leakage from the tap or minor repairs of the bicycle ? How would you feel?.

Scene 10 (1m 42s)

Does this situation sound impossible to achieve? If so, how students in Western countries are good in attending to these so called menial jobs? In India, would you be proud if you are able to achieve this small feat?.

Scene 11 (1m 56s)

reflect. Why don’t we feel agitated when we see a mechanic repairs our appliances when we show inadequacy with our knowledge?.

Scene 12 (2m 6s)

So what shall we do?. 12. Withyaa Kaladhara Skill Development Program Offers the students a place, opportunity and guidance to conduct the practical projects by working with Machines and Tools..

Scene 13 (2m 19s)

13. Fully equipped workshop

Scene 14 (2m 25s)

14. Tools and Machines

Scene 15 (2m 33s)

D o it yourself (Diy) is great for overall happiness!.

Scene 16 (2m 50s)

Explore your area of interest. 16. Get an opportunity to identify various areas of interest by experiencing hands-on activities in each domains. The domains are: Electrical Mechanical Plumbing Automobile Woodwork Fire Safety Art.

Scene 17 (3m 3s)

E xplore your area of interest. 17. Improve existing skills and learn job skills with exposure to use types of hand tools, power tools and machines..

Scene 18 (3m 16s)

L earn to design new products. 18. Be intellectually challenged in designing creative products..

Scene 19 (3m 28s)

Become young Entrepreneurs. 19. Develop practical skills and this would help ignite interest towards entrepreneurship..

Scene 20 (3m 39s)

Make a difference to the society you live in. 20.

Scene 21 (3m 54s)

W ithyaa kaladhara. 16, Keya Duplex, Opp. Sheel Duplex, Near Dev Nagar, Behind St. Kabir School, Makrand Desai Road, Vadodara. 390015.

Scene 22 (4m 9s)

Thanks!. Any questions? You can reach me at: connect@withyaa.com +919313409972.