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Recipe Ingredients


Eating Healthy (DT) by Kyshen Braydon (7Y)

Scene 2 (7s)

What is it?

Ratatouille - Craving Home Cooked

Traditionally Ratatouille was considered peasant food owing to its preparation style of “rough cut” vegetables and the economy of a dish that could be eaten with cheap rice, pasta or dipped into with chunks of bread. In recent times it has become a dish prepared by top chefs and served in the finest restaurants.

Scene 3 (26s)


10 minutes • Makes 4 servings

Basil – hand peeled Aubergine – diced Courgette - diced Green Pepper – remove seed Peeled Tomatoes in a can Oregano spice (additional) Garlic – 1 clove chopped Red onion – 1 whole chopped Olive oil – 10ml

Scene 4 (39s)


Heat the pan with olive oil Sautee the onion and garlic Include the aubergine in for 5 mins Put the courgette and pepper for 5 mins Include the peel tomatoes in a can Add oregano, pepper and salt to taste Served with toast bread

10 minutes • Makes 4 servings

Scene 5 (54s)


French Toast Stack

Spices with Spoons

Butternut Soup

Egg & Avo

Flapjack Stack

Nachos & Dip