WeCom (WeChat Work) Training

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WeCom (WeChat Work) Training

People Development Bank Neo Commerce

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What is WeCom – WeChat Work?

WeCom is a business communication and office collaboration tool. WeCom provides the same communication experience as WeChat and connects with WeChat in an all-round manner. WeCom offers productivity tools such as Event, Meeting, WeDoc and WeDrive , and flexible OA for effective business communication and management.

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Why we use WeChat Work?

Provides a familiar communication environment to allow you to chat and work with colleagues efficiently. Connect with WeChat in an all-round manner. Integrate multiple office productivity tools.

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Based on that, we use WeCom – WeChat Work as our communication and work tools at BNC

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How to download WeChat Work?

Computer https://work.weixin.qq.com/ Apple https://apps.apple.com/us/app/wechat-work/id1087897068 Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tencent.wework

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Isi kode verifikasi yang akan dikirimkan ke SMS +62 8XXXXXXXXXX Klik tombol yang ditandai untuk proses selanjuthya 4 7 2 5 8 o 3 6 9

Open mobile apps WeChat Work to register your account

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Display on your main menu WeChat Work

Q Search Org. & People Develo.„ Erni Rahayu: a.. Meeting Kms, Aan Kus... Org. & People Development Team siap mba mia Kms. Aan Kusworo makasi mba Hany Aprilia Putri well received, thanks mba Kms. Aan Kusworo mba mia kita hari maujam Fri. 03:07pm 24 mins agc Kms. Aan Kusworo member•5 Asmianr„ • •OWNER. Della Anshara Ch. Erni Rahayu Hany Aprilia Putri Kms. Aan Kusw [Voice Call] BNC HR team Kms. Aan Kus... 41 mins ago 57 mins ago BNC HR discum External L Chellicia Chrysant Wis Calendar Hany Aprilia Putri invit... Hany Aprilia Putri hahahhaha siapppp WeDoc Chellic;a Chrysant Wis Erni Rahayu Oke mbaa Della Anshara Dwi Putri Thanks yaaaa Talent develom Externs' 09:25am Weekly Progress Along Time.xlsx 32.7K ini ya guys V Back to the bottom Send (S)

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Main Functions WeChat Work

Message Contact Calendar Workspace Employee can message everyone, without add contact first. All employee can communication directly All employee auto join the division. Employee can set calendar and to do list, invite and reminder event/meet and everything. Collaboration workspace tool likes WeDoc , WeDrive , Meeting, Live, Email, etc.

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An easy to chat employee team member or cross division without save contact first. Only search employee name and you contact directly. Chatroom can send the documents, photos, or anything without maximum file capacity. Message read status is shown to both sides for the messages sent to make the communication more efficient. Messages are synchronized between PC, mobile phone and other devices in real time and stored in the cloud.

Messages Q Search cal Hany Aprilia Putri Hahahh siiip nggaa papa han BNC HR team External To-Dos Yesterday Yesterday Fani Daltisari: UPDATE oa February 2021 1. CO.. r¯pa Messages Org. & People Developme... Erni Rahayu: oke mbaa* Prabu Nusantara(Prab) Tenkyuuu too WeDoc Chellicia Chrysant Calendar Hany Aprilia Putri's schedule invitation Yesterday Yesterday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Kms. Aan Kusworo Contacts 00 00 Workspace

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Central management of Corporate Directory Supports batch import and centralized management of member information to allow you to find the colleagues you want to chat with more quickly. Find colleagues easily, only search employee / find employee division. Cross division contact without save contact first.

Bank neo cornrnerce Direksi Human Resources Divisi Audit Intern Divisi Collection Divisi Operasi Divisi Special Asset Management Divisi Treasury Divisi Financial Control Divisi MIS, Finance Project Divisi Corporate Divisi Coroorate Messages Contacts Planning Secretarv wo r k spa c e

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Integrate multiple productivity tools Features : Calendar, Meeting, Live, WeDoc , WeDrive , Forms & Mailbox.

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Manage work schedule easily. Event invitations can be initiated and calendar can be shared with teams. Invite colleagues to set up meeting. Reminder colleagues about to do list timeline target and meeting schedule

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Calendar Display

31 7 14 21 Today • 9:00 lo:oo 16:00 17:00 Feb 8 15 22 2 9 16 23 Feb,2021 3 10 17 24 4 11 18 25 O 12 19 26 6 13 20 27 02/05 Friday Finalize WeChat Work Module Recognize Risk Assessment Team Huddle Engagement Games HR Team New event. Calendar To-Dos.2

02/2021 05 Friday 06 Saturday 07 Sunday 08 Monday 09 Tuesday 10 Finalize WeChat Work 9:00 Training Wechat Work: Meeting with Lattice 830 Demo with Recogniz e Risk Assess. 10:00 Training Wechat Work: 15:00 Training Wechat Work: lo:oo Training Wechat Work: 9:45 Team Huddle 16:00 Training Wechat Work: 13:30 Wednesday 6:00 Training 11 Induction Thursday 8:30 Calendar Engagem ent Games 17:00 TO-DOS-2

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Reminder your task easily Set up to do list timeline target. Can assign to your colleague to finish the task.

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Manage meeting schedule easily. Initiate and join online meetings anytime & anywhere. Invite colleagues to set up meeting. A maximum of 300 people can join the meeting.

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Meeting Setup

Search feature meeting on your WeChat Work apps. Select book meeting/initiate meeting. Choose audio meeting or video meeting.

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Meeting Setup

Add your title of meeting Select type of meeting (voice/audio only or video call) Select the date & time. Select duration of meeting Invite participants easily. Add reminder meeting (5/15/30 minutes before) Add attachment if needed. Add remarks meeting (include information meeting, brief summary meeting or description of meeting) Select book and the invitation will send to participant directly

Book meeting x Type Sta rt Duration Participant Remind Attachment Remarks O Voice Call 2-1 Mon. 1 hour Select participants 15 minutes before Enter remarks Video Call Book Ca ncel

Scene 18 (4m 36s)

Meeting details TEST 2-1 Mon. 16:15 - 17:15 Video Call I n iti ator R ern in d Participant ret-narks Atta ch rn e nt Join 'meeting Krns. Aar-t Kusw•oro 15 rni nutes before the rneeting Hany Aprilia Putri TEST Add File/ Doc Send to Chat Copy invitation link

If employee want to more know regarding meeting, participant can send message easily.

Display Meeting

16:22 2-1 Invite you tojoin WeChat Work meting Meeting subject: TEST Meeting time: 2-1 Mon. 16:15 - 17:15 Tap the URL tojoin the meeting: https://work.weixin.qq.com/meeting/rMrfxm8v8a

Participant can copy the link also

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Join Meeting

(51 Q Search Application co M eeting a Contact Customers Customer Group Product Catalogue Receive Money from External Meeting Live Enterprise Mailbc.x Approvals Announcement Health Report Book meeting TEST Initiator: me Remarks: TEST Start now Join o mers Today Mon. o Nuga customers 1.30 Ario 2 customers 7 days 1.31 30 days TAPD Others o Meeting Wireless View all meetings > Room Projection

Click join meeting directly Before meeting started, you get the reminder (5/15/30 minutes before)

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Display Meeting

OPD Huddle Host: Asmiani Fawziah 00:54 4 Kms. Aan Kusworo Asmiani Fawziah Hany Aprilia Putri Mute Enable c— Screen s— Doc pre— 2+ Invite Participa— More

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After Meeting

WeChat Work provides all meetings history

Scene 22 (5m 39s)

Live Video

Stable HD live videos that support screen sharing and PPT presentation. Viewers can send comments and start joint streaming.

Scene 23 (5m 49s)

Live Video Setup

Search feature Live on your WeChat Work apps. Select book live video/initiate meeting. Anyone can watch your Live Video and can join the live streaming.

Scene 24 (6m 2s)

WeDoc & WeDrive

WeDoc WeDrive Documents and forms can be created individually or edited with colleagues. A shared space where all changes of files sync in real time. You can always get the latest version.

Collaborative files in WeDoc and WeDrive Create content • Edit together < Workplace 9;a1 weorive Sear-h red < Back [Project-ToDo] Anniversary Party confirm schedules Anniversary Plans New Product Sale Teaching @Chen Hui Food, drinks, welcome—gifts My files Product knowledge and sel First anniversary party prev (Tianhemen Store) Sales Si (Haizhumen Store) Sales S' Recycle bin Create space preparati @District s ts Decorating with banner, posts, workplace and photo—spot the 123 space return

Scene 25 (6m 25s)

Select created for start new document Select “+” and choose the new document for you New docs New sheets New Form Choose template


Qu...isit Recent WeDoc Q Search Created Untitled form Asmiani Fawziah • Wednesday View Competency Model Chellicia Chrysant Wisarta Untitled spreadsheet Asmiani Fawziah • 1/27 View A Quick Start with Collection Forms - T Asmiani Fawziah • 1/26 View A Quick Start with WeDoc - Efficient Co... Asmiani Fawziah 1/26 View A Quick Start with Sheets - Easy Sched... Asmiani Fawziah • 1/26 View

Qu... isit Recent WeDoc Q Sear Create New docs New sheets New form Untitled form Asmiani Fawziah • Updated b; Untitled spreadsheet Asmiani Fawziah • Updated by 1/27 A Quick Start with WeDoc - Efficient Co... Asmiani Fawziah • Updated by 1/11 A Quick Start with Sheets - Easy Sched... Asmiani Fawziah Updated by 1/11 A Quick Start with Collection Forms - T Asmiani Fawziah Updated by 1/11

Scene 26 (6m 58s)

Choose Template Document

Choose Template Doc Sheet Form Recommended Blank doc Daily Work Report Custom • project Summary Meeting Minutes To—do List Research Planning

Choose Template Doc Sheet Form Custom • recommended Blank sheet Team Weekly Report Registration Form Warehouse Registration Working Schedule (Month) Info Collection Form

Choose Template Doc Sheet Form Recommended Empty Form Daily Report on Staff Attendance Daily Report on Staff.. Info Registration inf ormation form Daily Health Data Collection Daily Health Data. Activity satisfaction Activity Satisfactio... Clothing size stration Custom • Sign-in for meetings Sign—in for Meetings

Scene 27 (7m 14s)

Setting permissions document. You can choose to sharing the document to invited only, organizational member or anyone you want. Add colleagues to collaborate your document. If you add as collaborate, you will get notification if your colleagues edit the document.


WeDoc Wednesday 8:02 Chellicia Chrysant Competency Model Chellicia Chrysant Wisarta created Wednesday 11: 10 Chellicia Chrysant • Competency Model Chellicia Chrysant Wisarta created Wednesday 15:54 Chellicia Chrysant Competency Model Chellicia Chrysant Wisarta created Wednesday 18:43 Chellicia Chrysant Competency Model Chellicia Chrysant Wisarta created

Scene 28 (7m 36s)

As a collaborator you can edit, like, comment and anything what you want to do.


Scene 29 (7m 46s)


Allow centralized management of company files to make it easier for employee to access them. Employee can created “Share Space”, set permission to use or edit the space and share files with others in these spaces . Storage of WeDrive 100GB

Scene 30 (8m 0s)

Select WeDrive on your WeChat Work apps. Select My Files to upload your document. Select Create Space to sharing with your colleagues. Fill the space name of your create space feature. Add member to sharing with your colleagues.


Cancel Space Name Create Space Please input shared space name Members & Permissons Add Member Asmiani Fawziah Organizational & People Development 123 space Done Admin x done

Scene 31 (8m 18s)

On your WeDrive you can sharing new document, new form, new collect table, new folder, upload photos or upload files.


< Close Shared Space File My Files My Files A Quick Start with...raining Application WeDoc • Asmiani Fawziah • 1/11 A Quick Start with...- Easy Scheduling WeDoc • Asmiani Fawziah • 1/11 A Quick Start with...cient Collaboration WeDoc • Asmiani Fawziah • 1/11 Rundown Induction Training.xlsx 11K Asmiani Fawziah 1/27 Untitled form New Doc New Folder New Form Upload Photos Cancel New Collect Table Upload Files

Scene 32 (8m 40s)

You can add external contacts through these few steps : 1. Identity Verification 2. Add External Contacts

External Contacts

Scene 33 (8m 50s)

You will need your phone to access this feature. Please download the WeCom mobile app : Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tencent.wework Apple App Store https://apps.apple.com/us/app/wechat-work/id1087897068

You will need your phone to access this feature. Please download the WeCom mobile app : Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tencent.wework Apple App Store https://apps.apple.com/us/app/wechat-work/id1087897068

Identity Verification

16.29 Me Chellicia Chrysant Wisarta Business card Favorites Help Settings Messages Contacts Work S pace

16.29 Personal Information Profile Photo Name Alias Gender Info Displayed to External Contacts Personal Message Current company Receipt Title Tel Email Address i$5bB$/E11E/ASl/HR&GA Chellicia Chrysant Wisarta > Female > Chellicia Chrysant Wisarta@ Online > None > 081314226824 > chellicia.wisarta@akulaku.co None > None >




Scene 34 (9m 18s)

In the next step, please enter your real name and provide supporting documents (such as KTP/Driver’s License and Bank Account Information ) Click on the Identity Verification for Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and overseas users to upload the documents.

Identity Verification

Submit your name and ID card No. to verify your identity Name ID card Claudia Hong 3174097108950004 Identity verification for Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas users Next

16.29 Identity Verification Enter real Name name Verify 123 Spasi Selesai




Full Name




Scene 35 (9m 41s)

Make sure picture of KTP / Driver’s License is clear and in color. Bank Account Information must show Full Name, Account No. Type of Bank Account, Bank Branch. (Other information can be blurred out for privacy)

Identity Verification

09.08 CHELLICIA CHRYSANT SALDO IDR HOLD AVOUNT IDR 0.00 Nomor Rekening Total MCM 0148 2268 20/07 MCM KEV Detail Rekening Nomor Rekening 1170007246671 Nama Lengkap CHELLICIA CHRYSANT Cabang Pembukaan Rekening Jakarta Kyai Tapa Jenis Rekening Saving Saldo 000.00 000.00


Don’t show

INDONESIA A.1&S.9202.W3S swauw.• . •ASAR JAXAAt•. 2101/2024

NIK PROVINSI DKI JAKARTA JAKARTA TIMUR : 3175070101909999 : BILLY BUMBLEBEE SIFULAN : SURABAYA, TempatfTgI Lahir Jenis Kelamin : LAKI-LAKI Alamat Kecamatan Status Perkawinan : pekerjaan Kewarganegaraan • WNI Berlaku Gol. Darah : AB : JL DIMANANO : ANTAH BERANTAH : DUREN SAWIT KAWIN : KARYAWAN SWASTA : SEUMUR HIDUP JAKARTA TIMUR 01-01-2020

Scene 36 (10m 15s)

Once submitted, please wait for approval within 3 work days. If Identity Verification Application is rejected, try the following steps: - KTP => Driver’s License -Mandiri Bank Account Information

Identity Verification

Pending approval Personal information submitted for approval Approval period: Within 3 work days Undo

< 47 WeCom Team 1 colleague(s) have claimed Remaining... 9432.03CNY Invite more colleagues 7/15 1688 Your identity verification information "Chellicia Chrysant Wisarta" is rejected. 7/16 10:23 Customer Moments Customers can view the history of members posted New features of V3.1.10 10:47 Your identity verification information "Chellicia Chrysant" is approved.

Scene 37 (10m 41s)

You can Add External Contacts through Phone No. , Email , QR Code , External Group Member or from WeChat Contacts . All requests for external contacts can be found in “ New Contacts ”. All external contacts can be found in “ External Contacts ”.

Add External Contacts

Q Search New Contacts External Contacts New Contacts aankNeoCommerce am BankNeoCommerce I aankNeoCommerce Asmiani Fawziah I'm Asmiani Fawziah from O Add Added Added

Scene 38 (10m 59s)

Q & A Session

Don’t hesitate to ask anything regarding WeChat Work ya !