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Scene 1 (0s)

Vilnius. Presentation made by Maksim Prusakov, Laura Gornatkeviciute, Ieva Zickute and Ed Anufrienka.

Scene 2 (8s)

According to a legend,. A nou t.'isocct' tG.éus 144.

Scene 3 (16s)

Vilnius was established by Duke Gediminas. Gediminas - Wikipedia.

Scene 4 (23s)

In the early 14th Century.

Scene 5 (30s)

After his dream of an Iron Wolf howling.

Scene 6 (37s)

On top of a hill.. L. Litvinavičius. Nemylime mes nieko |

Scene 7 (46s)

Whether the legend is true or not,.

Scene 8 (53s)

The city actually appeared in writing in 1323.

Scene 9 (1m 0s)

And later, in the same century, b ecame an important city.

Scene 10 (1m 8s)

Europe's largest country.. Tallinn / Reval Livonia Riga Velikiy Nov Lands of Velikiy Novgorod Moscow Grand Duchy of O Siauliai Konigsberg Ka rakai Teutonic q!der Lida racow Kingdom of Hungary Vilnius Moldavia Kiev Kyiv ratslav Black Sea Moscow 0 in the 13-1 Sth.

Scene 11 (1m 18s)

It was a very tolerant city.

Scene 12 (1m 25s)

Where Muslim Tartars,.

Scene 13 (1m 31s)

Lutheran German Merchants,. Vom estlichen Kriegsschauplatz — Wilna. Die Deutsche Strcs•e. —7m X•ntergrund Xcttprinenkirche.

Scene 14 (1m 40s)

Jewish Craftsmen,.

Scene 15 (1m 46s)

The Catholic Lithuanian and Polish elite,.

Scene 16 (1m 53s)

And Pagan Lithuanian Commoners.

Scene 17 (2m 0s)

Lived side-by-side peacefully..

Scene 18 (2m 7s)

As the richness of the city grew,. Vilnius - 16th century #vilnius #lithuania | Vilnius, Lithuania, Antique maps.

Scene 19 (2m 17s)

More and more palaces,.

Scene 20 (2m 24s)

Churches and monasteries.

Scene 21 (2m 30s)

Its Crown Jewel, Vilnius University.

Scene 22 (2m 37s)

Was established in 1579.

Scene 23 (2m 43s)

It was the first university in the Baltic States.

Scene 24 (2m 50s)

And became a primary center of Science and Education in Eastern Europe..

Scene 25 (2m 58s)

But then, the Russian Empire captured Vilnius i n 1795..

Scene 26 (3m 6s)

Throughout the next 120 years of Russian rule,.

Scene 27 (3m 13s)

Vilnius was made a backwater of the Russian Empire.

Scene 28 (3m 21s)

With a population of as few as 50,000 people at times..

Scene 29 (3m 29s)

The city kept being occupied by different armies,.

Scene 30 (3m 37s)

Napoleon's France,.

Scene 31 (3m 43s)

Pilsutski's Poland,.

Scene 32 (3m 49s)

Nazi Germany,.

Scene 33 (3m 55s)

And eventually, fell to the hands of the Soviet Union..

Scene 34 (4m 3s)

The city center of Vilnius consists of 5 major areas.

Scene 35 (4m 15s)

The Old Town. ( Senamiestis ).

Scene 36 (4m 22s)

It's one of the largest surviving Medieval Old Towns in Europe.

Scene 37 (4m 30s)

That's developed over the course of many Centuries..

Scene 38 (4m 37s)

It is a place where some of Europe's. Lithuania - Chemistry Conference 2019.

Scene 39 (4m 45s)

It's situated behind a tiny river.

Scene 40 (4m 51s)

Restaurants and even Art Galleries,.

Scene 41 (4m 58s)

That are all so cosy , you'll never want to leave..

Scene 42 (5m 7s)

But then, it got redeveloped to our Main Business District.

Scene 43 (5m 16s)

That is home to many banks and internet startups..

Scene 44 (5m 23s)

Speaking of startups,.

Scene 45 (5m 30s)

The Financial Times has recently named Vilnius. .snnnuruiiill.

Scene 46 (5m 37s)

As the Number 1 city IN THE WORLD!.

Scene 47 (5m 44s)

For attracting tech startups!.

Scene 48 (5m 50s)


Scene 49 (5m 56s)

This district is known to be the greenest area of central Vilnius.

Scene 50 (6m 5s)

As it used to be a large forest where the noblemen hunted..