VietGreen Bottled Minerial Water Company

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Scene 1 (0s)

Flowchart (Material Balance) By Amodemaja Titilayo Samiat 21915886.

Scene 2 (14s)

Packages on conveyor belt. Production Stages. Water Filtering Bottle and Cap Cleaning Bottle filling and Cap Closing Labelling and Packaging.

Scene 3 (37s)

Water Filtering Stage. Water Filtering. Raw mineral water 56,351,000 litres.

Scene 4 (1m 19s)

Bottle and Cap Cleaning. Bottle and cap cleaning.

Scene 5 (2m 3s)

Bottle filling and Cap Closing. Bottle filling and cap closing.

Scene 6 (2m 36s)

Labelling and Packaging. Labelling and packaging.

Scene 7 (3m 17s)

Wastewater Management Fee. Amount of waste water in each stage.

Scene 8 (4m 46s)

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