Drops for Living

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Scene 1 (0s)

Drops for Living

Water for everyone

Scene 3 (13s)

To bring drinkable water in a sustainable manner to people in marginalized communities.

Scene 4 (21s)

Without affecting the environment or protected natural areas.

Scene 5 (28s)

Creating conscience about how to take care of water, to bring the best quality of life to all inhabitants .

Scene 7 (44s)

To develop a project that brings detailed information that guarantees the cleaning of water in order to provide rural communities with this amenity .

Scene 8 (55s)

In order to improve their quality of life and availability of this necessary resource.

Scene 9 (1m 3s)

Company Values

Scene 10 (1m 9s)

To create a positive impact on the community, through honesty and transparency.

Scene 11 (1m 17s)

With the use of resources, social responsibility, and respect towards the whole community, looking for equality and equity.

Scene 12 (1m 27s)

Product description

Scene 13 (1m 33s)

The product seeks to develop a system that can be implemented in any rural area with the aim of developing supply sources and drinking water distribution networks in marginalized areas.

Scene 14 (1m 45s)

Improving the quality of life of the population and social equity.