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13,600 people are on the waiting list to receive federal housing assistance in Kansas City. 1,798 people are homeless on any given night in Kansas City. on any given day

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W We are the ones no one sees. The world forgets.

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The ones struggling to survive   w ith each breathe.

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Pay check to pay check. One day to the next.

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From place to place Our sweat paves the way.

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42 evictions are filed per day in Jackson County. This does not include informal forced evictions.

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We are the footprints of  our city. E ast of T roost has been our home.

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We are the fabric of the urban core. A place outsiders fear to roam.


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We are the faces you would picture Of the less fortunate and poor.

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We are those who deserve safe and affordable homes.

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Almost 50% of renter households are considered “housing cost-burdened” meaning they spend more than 30% of their income on housing.

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We despise handouts. Don’t judge us from afar.


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Our hand dealt has us lagging; but our resilience will overtake every obstacle in our way.

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Past discriminatory housing practices laid the groundwork for why Kansas City is considered by today’s experts to be a hyper-segregated city.

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Our story is not yours Though it seems our real estate is.

Our story is not yours  But where could we be with support.

Scene 18 (1m 37s)

With belief.

With hope.

With housing that is safe and affordable.

With opportunity.

Scene 19 (1m 46s)

Families making minimum wage can only afford rent of $491 a month. The fair market rent for a two bedroom is $978.

Scene 20 (1m 52s)

We don’t quit.

We persevere.

We thrive.


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Though we’ve been denied a n inheritance And a right to own a piece of the city We’ve called home.


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While outside investors Profit and glean The wealth from our striving To find decent housing.

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Low-income residents in the city not only struggle to find affordable housing, but often live in poor conditions with negligent landlords.

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Housing that’s affordable And safe AND SAFE-switch voice Housing that is safe

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Not glossed over with paint That chips away the next day.

And up to code. And cared for.

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That leaves our kids ridden with sickness.

From Lead.

And Mold.

And Toxins.

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In-home exposure to lead irreversibly damages the brains and nervous systems of children. 1 in 10 children tested in Kansas City’s urban core have dangerously high levels of lead in their blood.

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That leaves our pockets empty  Without quality product.


Scene 29 (2m 54s)

Because we can’t afford.


650 plus and it’s rising.

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In Kansas City, a worker earning minimum wage would have to work 80 hours a week or two full-time jobs in order to afford a two-bedroom unit.

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But I ’m a single mom.

Scene 32 (3m 12s)

I have child support.

Scene 33 (3m 18s)

I make minimum wage.

Scene 34 (3m 23s)

I just earned my GED.

Scene 35 (3m 29s)

I was homeless at 14.

Scene 36 (3m 34s)

I’ve learned on my own.

Scene 37 (3m 40s)

I never had a mom or dad to show  m e the ropes.

Scene 38 (3m 45s)

But I’m trying . I just need some support.

Scene 39 (3m 51s)

But I don’t want to be anymore.

I’m Surviving.

Scene 40 (3m 57s)

I want to be home.

I want a home to call MY own.

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Community Renewal Housing