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Lekshmi S. & Athira V. Anand Research scholars Department of Botany University of Kerala

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What is a vaccine?



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World’s First Vaccine

In 1796, the world’s first true vaccine, the small pox vaccine, was developed by the British doctor Edward Jenner.

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How do vaccines work??

You are given a small amount of a harmless form of a disease... ...Then your body makes . antibodies to fight it off Then if you encounter the disease again... ...your body already has the antibodies, so you don't get sick. immune. You are #CelebrateVaccines . British SXiety for

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Herd Immunity or Community Immunity

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Types of vaccines

Inactivated virus S. Subunit viral protein Viral vector Virus like—particles Attenuated virus DNA vaccines

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Ingredients of vaccines

Adjuvants Eg : Aluminum

Antibiotics Eg : Neomycin, Streptomycin

Preservatives & stabilizers Eg : Gelatin, Monosodium glutamate

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61 - 01A03

Scene 9 (8m 11s)

COVISHIELD Serum Institute of India Adenovirus (CHAdOx1) vector Two doses, 4-12 weeks apart


Covid-19 Vaccines with Emergency use Authorization

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Covid-19 Vaccines with Emergency use Authorization

COVAXIN Bharat Biotech, India Whole inactivated Coronavirus Two doses


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Covid-19 Vaccines with Emergency use Authorization

SPUTNIK V The Gamaleya National Center , Moscow Human adenovirus vector Two doses- given 21 days apart

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NoælCcrcnaVrus2019•nCoVlfaccirte ZYCOV-D* For Intradermal use

Covid-19 Vaccines with Emergency use Authorization

ZyCoV -D Cadila Healthcare Limited  or Zydus Cadila world's first DNA vaccine against Covid-19 India's first needle-free Covid-19 jab Three doses

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NDC 59676-580-15 OPEN HERE No Preservative 10 Multi-dose Vials O Each vial contains 5 doses of 0.5 mL Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine SUSPENSION FOR INTRAMUSCULAR INJECTION For use under Emergency use Authorization Attention: After first use, hold at 20C to 80C (360F to 460F). Discard after 6 hours. Do not freeze. Janssen

Covid-19 Vaccines with Emergency use Authorization

JANSSEN COVID-19 VACCINE Johnson & Johnson's company Adenovirus type 26 vector Single-dose vaccine