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Scene 1 (0s)

[Audio] Hello and assalamualaikum to all. I am Aimal ' Aqillah and This video is for my KAM 1061 entrepreneurship subject. In this video I will promote a new release of sambal by Duo Kechek. Which contains the logo and product description, Audience & their characteristic, Medium of product promotion and why I chose them.

1. Logo description

4. Medium of product promotion

2. Product description

5. Reasons for chosen medium

3. Target Audience & their characteristic

Aimal ‘ Aqillah bt Mohamed Hanif 23795 KAM 1061


Scene 2 (30s)

[Audio] The name Duo Kechek represents me and my partner. Due to unavoided circumstances, we are brought to the world in petite sizes. Therefore, duo means two, kechek means small. The spices in the logo represents that the sambal is a malay tradition originated from Pahang. SPD is made from hand picked red onions and bird's eye cili and first class anchovies. these goodness are fried in hot oil and a secret ingredient is added, bilimbi or in malay it's called belimbing buluh. Nuh-uh it doesn't end there, theyre are cooked to perfection for 8 hours and packed with love.





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Cooked for 8 hours and it’s strictly homemade!


Scene 3 (1m 24s)

[Audio] This product is suitable for all range of people whether theyre, men, women, grown adults, teenagers, grandparents, mom, dad. But it's is advisable for 7 to 60 years of age due to its spiciness. These customers can be from all around the world, Malaysia and especially for those Malaysian out there that misses spicy Malaysian food! This sambal is also perfect for sambal lovers who are in shortage of time. This versatile sambal can be eaten with hot rice, nasi impit, simple slice of bread and even congee! Just scoop and add! Meal is served in minutes.

Target Audience & their characteristic

7 to 60 years

Worldwide customers with passion for savoury dish

Suitable for all genders and range of age, children to adults.

Married & single

Loves spicy

Shortage of time

Malaysians who miss Malaysian food

Scene 4 (2m 9s)

[Audio] Using these social and shopping platforms, the product will be introduced to the market using SPD official acc and employees personal accounts (if employees agree so) such as Instagram, fb and ws depending on the platform used. All orders from these platforms will be taken through shopee, where the link will be provided during promotions in the social medias.

Promotion Medium


Scene 5 (2m 34s)

[Audio] This diagram illustrated the layout of the strategy. The product first debut and SPD official account and shopee link is through personal social media accounts (if employees agree too) can introduce SPD to an individual closest circle, their families and friends, quickest way to have an audience with low cost marketing budget. The social medias include Whatsapp status, where it can help us to introduce SPD to the market to closest family and friends within the context. Creative instagram post, story and reels to larger range of followers. In facebook, we can share posting on timeline and do advertisement post groups that is available online. We can also reach a bigger target when we pay people to help with the product branding. the official fb and instagram account for SPD will be posting product reviews by customers and paid reviewer, creative contents for promotion purpose, updates including the shopee link to SPD shopee acc to shop. By channeling all orders to shopee account, this will help us getting more reviews and rating to increase the product visibility and preferred account badge. So when customers search our product on shopee, our account will appear at the top of the listed accounts.


Product debut and promo

Order from one source