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WELCOME to the MAGISTRATES ASSOCIATION Black, Asian & Ethnic Minority Diversity and Inclusion Executive Network.

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OUR OBJECTIVES. The Executive Network was established having recognised the lack of Representation in the wider judiciary. Aims: The remit of the Exec included designing a workplan that: provided opportunities for Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Magistrates to network with their peers across England and Wales generated discourse around the issues affecting Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Magistrates (who are members of the MA) and advise, inform, and work with the MA HQ to address issues raised and advise, inform, and work with the MA HQ on the creation of routes to the recruitment of Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Magistrates..

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2021 Highlights. Organised an Inaugural Conference in June to launch the MA’s Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Executive Diversity & Inclusion Network and a Seminar on 9 th December 2021 Conducted a Survey highlighting issues that Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Magistrates face on the Bench as well as from Employers (report shared with MA HQ and will form part of the Spring Event for Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Magistrates. Several Recommendations have been highlighted and will inform the workplan for 2022/2023. Invited Rt Hon David Lammy MP to the MA National Conference and hosted the Q&A conversation with him (October 2021) on a range of topics including his Report of 2017 , what needs to happen to ensure that the magistracy has the tool as well as the capacity to do its job, disproportionality and the criminal justice system, what could be done to better recognise the role of magistrates and what would make the work of the magistracy even better. The conference was virtually attended by approx. 300+ magistrates. The Exec facilitated the conference breakout session on the MA’s Diversity and Inclusion Networks..

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The Exec produced a mock up of images which have been shared across the MA membership. Jacqui recorded a short video which was used to launch the ‘campaign’ which can be found on the MA website, a recording viewed by thousands of MA members. ‘Following a conversation with the MA CEO, the Magistrates Association is supporting this initiative on a national scale by inviting ALL MA members to take part. The gallery of photographs will be used to create posters and used at various MA events, as well as contribute to the national promotion for new magistrates (incl: use by MOJ, Judicial College and HMCTS). Other initiatives Encourage the uptake of Network members seeking other Voluntary Roles within the Magistracy, as well as the judicial system. For example: Probation Board, Parole Board, Judicial Appointments Commission and the Police and Crime Commissioner Scrutiny Panel. To that end, the Exec plans to establish a ‘ Buddy system’ ..

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Magistrates Association @MagsAssoc It's the 4th day of our twitter takeover for #BIackHistoryMonth Our next recommendation: The Colour of Power: who are the 36 BAME people among the UK's 1000 most powerful? (15/20) ASSOO"n.

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2021 Highlights Working with the other established Diversity and Inclusion Network Chairs (Young Magistrates, LGBT+ and Magistrates with Disabilities) will join forces to continue to develop strong, regional D&I links across England and Wales. To that end Jacqui has drafted a proposal and shared with the D&I Network Chairs as to how this campaign could be rolled-out. Jacqui is a member of a small working party, chaired by the Lord Lieutenant of Greater London, Sir Kenneth Olisa OBE, along with Operation Black Vote (OBV) and a member of London Advisory Committee for Recruitment will develop a Magistrate recruitment programme which will engage with members of the public and employers. A MIC resource on Knife Crime (produced by Dawn June Gibbons JP) Jacqui has been invited to attend a Round Table meeting to discuss how the London Recruitment Advisory Committee’s outreach work should join up and agree an Equality and Diversity strategy . The interview process for Magistrates has undergone a rigorous redesign, to ensure that it address issues of equity and inclusion. Jacqui was invited to take part in a trial of the interview questions as part of the development of the new interview structure for the Magistrates’ recruitment process..

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2021 Highlights Jacqui was interviewed on the Robert Perrone BBC Radio Three Counties radio programme The theme was ‘Have you ever wanted to be a Magistrate ’? Purpose of the interview was to highlight : To stress the importance of the Magistracy valuing a diverse Bench , to ensure that it reflects the community in which it serves. Stressed the importance of engaging with Employers to understand the value and the transferable skills gained from having employees that are also magistrates. Hoped the radio interview would encourage members of the public to consider becoming magistrates. Co-Published an article in the Magistrates Association Journal on the Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Diversity and Inclusion Network [(August/September 2021)] with Shereen Williams..

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Plans for 2022 Spring events to feedback Survey findings to the Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic Network Members Revised workplan (based on survey findings). This will be uploaded at a later date Summer conference Diversity and Inclusion regional ambassadors Establish a 'buddy' system Launch of the digital photographic gallery.

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WE NEED YOUR HELP ✋? ?? ?? ?? To find out more…… or to volunteer for any area of work that interests you. Please contact the Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority Diversity & Inclusion Executive at the following email address: