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Scene 1 (0s)


Scene 2 (3s)


Vendors and their Staff to be Confirmed with Mail Approval

Scene 3 (8s)

Vendors and their Staff while Entering the Math work Premises

Ensure Wearing Masks Maintain Social Distance Fill the Covid 19 form Show their Arogya S ethu Get the hand Sanitized & Then check their Temperature Check Vaccination Details Once the clearance is obtained from Security Reception they can be permitted to enter for there respective work .

Social Distance, Cc-WlN COVO. Aarogya Setu BODY TEMPERATURE Co-WIN CW CO•m• IS Dose 1 & 2 Verify a vaccination certificate

Scene 4 (33s)

Vendor and their staff to be frisked before entering the premises.

Scene 5 (39s)

Vendor personal belonging's to be checked and entered in the register

Scene 6 (45s)

Any vendors Staff entering the premises to be briefed by Yashvanth/ Allwin about do's & Don'ts this has to be informed by Security .

Scene 7 (54s)

Vendor to be allowed only after Work order is issued.

Work Order Date of Request: dd-Z-r:nrnZ-yyyy xyz Work Order Response is due to requesting Agency by: Category A — IT PM Category E — Tramrng To: From: Category B — IT Solutions xyz Category C — Tech Plan and Consult Category D — Security & Privacy Category F — Tech Writing & Documentation Category G — Quality Management

Scene 8 (1m 0s)

Guard to survey the location before and after the Temp. vendors staff are allowed to work as per the requirements and the security shall take the Pictures before and after the work.


Scene 9 (1m 14s)

Supervisors while on duty shall get the relievers to the post and they shall visit all Temp vendor staff working places and give report to Facility team and also share the same in whatsapp .


Scene 10 (1m 28s)

Guard to cross check the vendor work on his rounds.

Scene 11 (1m 33s)

Guard to restrict all staffs/ vendor entering or exiting service lift.


Scene 12 (1m 40s)

Guard to make sure all vendors staff should exit timely as per the Time lines mentioned in the work permit. However by 6 pm all the vendors staff should EXIT unless special approval is provided by the Authorized person in writing through an email.