Work-based Learning

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Scene 1 (0s)

Work-based Learning.

Scene 3 (16s)

Junior Achievemen€ Independent Cities 1. Alexan&iä 2. Bedford 3. Bristol 4. Buena Vista 5. Charlottesville 6. Chesapeake 7. Clifton Forge 8. Colonial Heights 9. Covington 10. Danville 11. Emporia 12. Fairfax 13. FallsCturch 14. Franklin 15. Frederick±urg 16. Galax 17. Hampton 18. 19. Hopewell 20. Lexirgta' 21. 22. Manessas 23. Manassas Park 24. Martirsvile 2S. Newport 26. Norfolk 27. Norton 28. Petersburg 29. Poquoson 30. Portsmuth 31. Radford 32. Richma'd 33. Roanoke weq Wythe 34. Sal*" 35. Staunton 36. Suffolk 37. Virginia Bech 38. 39. Williamsburg 40. Lo Augusta Albeærte 22 King Carol i JA of Tri Cities Tennessee/Vireinia 423-392-8841 tricities.•a.o Washington JA of Southwest Virginia 540-989-6392 Bedfor Campbe Halifax JA of Central Virginia 804-217-8855 JA Finance Park: Richmond, VA Ameli Dinwiddi JA of Greater Washin ton 202-296-1200 JA Finance park: Fairfax, VA Arlingon Westmoreland JA of Greater Hampton Roads 757-455-9500

Scene 5 (36s)

Think back to your most memorable academic experiences in school. Which of the following did they include?.

Scene 7 (58s)

Do students listen to what parents or teachers have to say?.

Scene 8 (1m 13s)

Junior hievemen l!ral Virginia Achie- of A new JA volunteer should know... I-ADO) C IS MARROW] #JAVolunteer Ju of Cent r Ach of Centn Junic Achif of Central.

Scene 9 (1m 23s)

What is JA’s recommended path for a student after graduation?.

Scene 10 (1m 36s)

Trick question!. We want students to choose the path that is best suited to them..

Scene 11 (1m 42s)

Cynthia Pantaleo Director of Programs. Kay Morgan Program Manager.

Scene 12 (1m 52s)

JA It’s My Business. JA Be Entrepreneurial. JA Program Offerings.

Scene 13 (2m 1s)

Curriculum + Field Trip. High School Semester Programs.

Scene 14 (2m 7s)

High School Semester-Long Programs. JA Business and Technology 1 & 2.

Scene 15 (2m 16s)

“The slides and details of each presentation are robust…I do like the case studies a lot. They are relevant for their businesses.” - Doug Kasselberg, The New Community School.

Scene 16 (2m 23s)

JA Finance Park. Curriculum + Field Trip.

Scene 17 (2m 27s)

What was the best part of your JA Finance Park experience this year? “ My students' experiences drove our class conversation. I asked some of them if they really believed they'd make the same decisions in the future as they did in the simulation. Many reflected and were able to express why they thought they'd made good decisions in the simulation or why they would do things differently next time. It was a low stakes opportunity to experience real world practice with the concepts we'd learned in class .” -Sarah Anzelmo -Steele, Deep Run High School.

Scene 19 (2m 34s)

What was the best part of your JA Finance Park experience this year? “The stools! But honestly, it was seeing my students so engaged in a topic they've been learning all year. To be so used to something and still be perked up by it... that was nice to see .” - Nicholas Webb, Caroline High School.

Scene 20 (2m 40s)

Curriculum + Site Visit. JA Job Shadow.

Scene 21 (2m 44s)

JA Job Shadow Partners. A Sharper Palate Apex Systems Capital One CapTech Kings Dominion Coca-Cola CarMax Davenport & Co. Design Electric Dominion Energy Fahrenheit.

Scene 22 (2m 50s)

“The program taught the students how to prepare for an interview. It also gave the students a lot of information about potential employment after or before graduation .” - Brandon Eubank, Goochland High School.

Scene 24 (2m 59s)

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