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Scene 1 (0s)

Efficiency. abstract. Innovation Adoption in the Time of COVID 19 And After Health Insight.

Scene 2 (14s)

Efficiency@MHC. 2. Top 10 Genius Ways to Increase Efficiency in the Office.

Scene 3 (32s)

. Role. Process O rientation. Proactive approach.

Scene 4 (50s)

Personal Growth. Helps us prioritize our tasks & be more productive. Creates more time for self development & growth.

Scene 6 (2m 35s)

Behaviors that drive Efficiency. , 01 03 02. Be Agile.

Scene 7 (2m 49s)

5 ways to work smarter and more efficiently at your hotel - SiteMinder.

Scene 8 (2m 59s)

8. File:Thank-you-transparent.svg - Wikimedia Commons.