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[Audio] Valuation Report prepared for Coca Cola Beverages

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BUQS 7032/5024 2021 Prepared By: Khama Sibusisiwe 2404429 Manamela Nthabiseng 2389841 Mothoa Karabo 2353520 Gamede Lungile 704700 Sello Charlotte 0409814d

VALUATION REPORT   VALUATION REPORT TWO ERVEN ZONED “RESIDENTIAL”, BOOYSENS, PRETORIA Prepared for Coca Cola Beverages (CCB) a client based in Pretoria, South Africa

694 Theo Slabbert Ave

690 Theo Slabbert Ave

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[Audio] Hi There prof , my name is Mr Value Ation and Ill be walking you through our presentation today

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[Audio] We inspected the subject property on 22 May 2012 on behalf of Coca Cola Beverages. We were to value the possibility for a possible parking extension.

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Date of Inspection The onsite inspection of the Property by our Surveyors was carried out on the 22 nd of May 2021 . Purpose of Valuation Our instruction in this matter is to determine an opinion on the market value of the subject properties for the use of Coca Cola Beverages (CCB) for a possible extension of their parking space.

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[Audio] The given property was located at 690 & 694 Theo Slabbert Avenue, Booysens , Pretoria

Updated Title Deed Information 290 Slabbert Avenue: Title deed: T41475/1991 . Erf Number: 98, Portion Number: 4 294 Slabbert Avenue: Title deed: T50225/2012 . Erf Number: 98, Portion Number: 3   Location of the Property The subject properties are described as 690 & 694 Theo Slabbert Avenue situated in Booysens which are located between Boukenhoutkloof and Market Street in Pretoria under the City of Tshwane Municipality located in Gauteng, South Africa.

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