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V1 Big Data. Ifeanyichukwu Onubah.

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Sources of Big Data in Health Care Government agencies Patient portals Payer records Smart phones BIG DATA IN HEALTH CARE Research studies Generic _ -databases Electronic health records (EHR) Wearable devices Search engine data NEJM Catalyst (catalyst.nejm.org) O Massachusetts Medical Society Public records.

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WHY DO ALL jobs in healthcare admin require big data?.

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Pbh Pharma Fraud Project. The goal of the project is to find new ways to detect fraud in healthcare they do this by analyzing data. By managing healthcare fraud detection at an individual level, the Blue Plans "have insight only into their own data and their own claims," Bradley said. "But if you can look holistically across those 22 plans, you have a much better opportunity to identify some of the more complex fraud schemes that may extend across multiple plans and be able to link that data together such that you can find and identify where you might have great risk. We call that consortium modeling." This approach, he said, provides "better accuracy, better prioritization of risk and it reduces the false positives.

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Prescription drug database. A database of a patient's prescription history. Doctors can assess it to know what someone is already being prescribed . Can help combat the opioid epidemic..

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Problems. In order to catch make a database there needs to be an advancement in telehealth. Patient information needs to be in a national database. Doctors need to be required to use accessible information at hand in order to combat fraud and drug abuse..

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Common goals. The goals of these projects is stop the abuse that takes place in the gaps of the healthcare system. To end fraud that takes place. Long Term goals would be to stop the opioid epidemic that stem from the fraud that takes place..

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Accountable Action. Through the use of mobile devices, computers, and other forms of accessing the internet disease such as covid can be tracked. Real time accurate data can lead to quick responses when there a medical epidemic, whether that epidemic is opioids or covid. Data can also be used on the patient/customers end to see what problems their having and what statistics apply to them..

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