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Scene 1 (0s)

Hadeel Ahmed


Scene 4 (20s)

A body of mass 1 kg suspended from the free end of a spring having force constant 400 Nm-1 is executing S.H.M. When the total energy of the system is 2 joule, the maximum acceleration is (A) 8 ms –2 (B) 10 ms –2 (C) 40 ms –2 (D) 40 cms –2


Scene 5 (40s)

When the displacement of a S.H.O. is equal to A/2, what fraction of total energy will be equal to kinetic energy? (A) 2/7  (B) 3/4  (C) 2/9  (D) 5/7


Scene 6 (58s)

A body is placed on a horizontal plank executing S.H.M. along vertical direction. Its amplitude of oscillation is 3.92 x 10 – 3m. What should be the minimum periodic time so that the body does not loose contact with the plank? (A) 0.1256s   (B) 0.1356s  ( C) 0.1456s  ( D) 0.1556s