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Scene 1 (0s)

EL SUR. “The South” Directed by Víctor Erice.

Scene 2 (13s)

Outline. The Director Historical and Cultural context Plot, characters and themes Cinematography Final Remarks.

Scene 3 (38s)

Director. Víctor Erice is a Spanish Film Director Born in 1940 in Carranza, Spain Graduated in direction in Madrid.

Scene 4 (1m 47s)

Historical and Cultural Context. Spanish Civil War Franco’s dictatorship Historical memory.

Scene 5 (3m 11s)

Main Characters. Estrella. Augustín.

Scene 6 (4m 57s)

Madre Julia.

Scene 7 (5m 23s)

Milagros. Abuela.

Scene 9 (7m 14s)

Themes. Isolation. Past vs Future. Innocence. Division.

Scene 10 (7m 52s)


Scene 11 (8m 20s)


Scene 12 (9m 8s)

Division. Freedom.

Scene 13 (9m 54s)

Cinematography. Camera angles.

Scene 15 (10m 57s)

Sound. Accordion. Dog barking. Piano. tat..

Scene 16 (11m 56s)

ego. Final Remarks.

Scene 17 (13m 23s)

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Scene 18 (13m 28s)

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