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Scene 1 (0s)

Peace and quiet...

Scene 2 (6s)


Scene 4 (18s)


Scene 7 (36s)

Shush alarm

Scene 8 (42s)

Peace and quiet...

Scene 9 (49s)

imma just get dressed now

Scene 10 (56s)

Wait I need clothes

Scene 11 (1m 2s)

Now imma get dressed

Scene 12 (1m 9s)

iüäääää i

Time for class

Scene 13 (1m 15s)

MacBook Pro


Scene 14 (1m 22s)

Isn’t my pfp amazing...

Scene 15 (1m 29s)

Search or tyø•

I can’t get onto PE

Scene 16 (1m 36s)

Dashboard O Home Goog\e Search Google 01 type a

Research-to-help-me-finish-my-w ork-time

Scene 17 (1m 46s)

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Work time

Scene 18 (2m 32s)

Lunch break… gonna go annoy my brother

Scene 19 (2m 40s)

He’s about to chase me...

Scene 20 (2m 47s)

MacBook Pro

End of the day homeroom.

Scene 21 (2m 55s)

Drawing for fun The background is too dark.

Scene 22 (3m 3s)

Done this girl but it needs something righhhtttt here ⬇️

Scene 23 (3m 10s)

Adding a drummer but I’m going to sleep now.

Scene 24 (3m 19s)

Peace and quiet...