Unit 7 Assessment – Program Plan Presentation Samantha Thomas Herzing University NSG323-Community and Public Health Nursing Professor Deloris Merritt June 26, 2022

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Unit 7 Assessment – Program Plan Presentation Samantha Thomas Herzing University NSG323-Community and Public Health Nursing Professor Deloris Merritt June 26, 2022.

Scene 2 (9s)

Introduction. What is a Community? Windshield Survey Community Assessment and Data Community Partners and Resources Community Health Diagnosis Interventions Evaluation.

Scene 3 (41s)

Definition of Community. A community is the environment in which we live. The community is a society and has many facets including but not limited to people, religion, geographical location, festivals, resources, healthcare, and health behaviors. Our communities have great influence on our lives and our overall collective health (Herzing University, n.d.). My Community: Crystal Lake Illinois – A Northwest Chicago Suburb.

Scene 4 (1m 22s)

Windshield Survey. Well maintained throughout entire city Charming downtown area Big box retailers and chain restaurants Hospital in progress.

Scene 5 (3m 14s)

Community Assessment Data Gaining Insight…. Demographic information from the United States Census Bureau 81% White, not Hispanic or Latino 12.2% Hispanic or Latino 3.5% Asian 1.0% Black or African American 49.7% Female 24.4% Persons aged 18 years and younger 15.4% Persons aged 65 years and older (U.S. Census Bureau, 2021) Population: 40,411.

Scene 6 (4m 1s)

Community Assessment Data Continued…. 2016: Depressive neurosis is #2 reason for hospital admissions amongst McHenry County residents aged 5-17 years (McHenry County Department of Health, 2017). Data collection from 2014 compared to 2016: There was a 7% increase for a total of 35% of 8 th grade children surveyed reporting feeling sad or hopeless effecting their daily activity (McHenry County Department of Health, 2017)..

Scene 7 (4m 57s)

Community Assessment Data Continued…. 8 th Grade 10 th Grade 12th Grade Alcohol consumption in past month 18% 22% 43% Drinking more than 5 drinks at one time in past two weeks - - 23% Marijuana use in past month 6% 12% 24%.

Scene 8 (6m 33s)

Community Partners. Emily Montemayor – Kiddie Academy of Crystal Lake Business Office Manager Dennis Patterson – Child Psychology Expert.

Scene 9 (8m 6s)

Community Resources. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Crystal Lake Local Library Kiddie Academy of Crystal Lake.

Scene 10 (9m 33s)

Community Health Diagnosis. Risk for risk-prone behavior amongst adolescence of McHenry County Illinois related to lack of behavioral health resources, insufficient knowledge, and insufficient social support as evidenced by self-reported depression behavior of adolescence, self-reported substance use amongst adolescence, and adolescent patient admission rates for behavioral health concern (Ackley et al., 2022)..

Scene 11 (10m 4s)

Community Health Plan. Primary Prevention Teach children in the community about feeling identification and recognition Teach children positive coping skills Help parents/caregivers to better assist their child experiencing strong emotions Help parents/caregivers to recognize the signs of an emotionally overwhelmed child Provide information to families regarding local behavioral health support and resources.

Scene 12 (11m 24s)

Community Health Plan Interventions. Emotional Well-Being Lesson Plan for Children Aged 3-4 Years: Calming Yoga with Affirmations (Appendix A) How Am I Feeling? – Interactive Video (Appendix B) Emotion faces coloring sheets (Appendix C) Deep Breathing with Bubbles Exercise Tri-fold Brochure to take home (Appendix D).

Scene 13 (13m 33s)

abstract. Proposed Evaluation Methods. Goal #1- Short term After presentation of the lesson plan the children will be able to verbalize or demonstrate one coping skill they learned. Goal #2-Short term Two weeks after completion of the lesson plan the children will be able to verbally recall or demonstrate one coping skill they used successfully. Goal #3-Long term Three months after the lesson the children will be able successfully identify at least three coping skills they have used successfully..

Scene 14 (14m 44s)

Pen placed on top of a signature line. Conclusion.

Scene 15 (16m 8s)

References. Ackley, B. J., Ladwig , G. B., & Flynn Makic PhD RN CCNS FAAN FNAP, Mary Beth. (2022). Ackley and ladwig's nursing diagnosis handbook elsevier ebook on vitalsource (retail access card): An evidence-based guide to planning care (13th ed.). Mosby. Herzing University. (n.d.). Unit 1 Topic 1 – Concepts of community health [Online Course Content]. In NSG323 – Community and Public Health Nursing. Canvas. https://herzing.instructure.com McHenry County Department of Health. (2017, January). McHenry County health community study community analysis 2017 . McHenry County IL. https://www.mchenrycountyil.gov/home/showpublisheddocument/71354/636198204499630000 U.S. Census Bureau. (2021, October 8). U.s. census bureau quickfacts : Crystal lake city, illinois ; united states . https://app.scrapingbee.com/api/v1/?api_key=FQGI6W7SCN5798XFK7LFO7ZIR49166CN73GJYKT72U35PUFOYR49IZ1HOJOZNWHHUNUM7UEERAYWIH3L&render_js=false&url=https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/fact/table/crystallakecityillinois,US/PST045221.

Scene 16 (16m 52s)

Appendix A Calming Yoga Poses This poster contains 6 calming yoga poses with affirmations for children. This poster was printed in size 18 inches by 24 inches and laminated for durability. The poster was placed on the wall of the preschool classroom..

Scene 17 (17m 10s)

How Am I Feeling? Video Activity. Appendix B How Am I Feeling? – Video Activity.

Scene 18 (19m 1s)

Appendix C Coloring Pages Figure C1. Diagram Description automatically generated.

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Figure C2. abstract.

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Figure C3. .

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Figure C4. .

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Figure C5. abstract.

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Figure C6. .

Scene 24 (19m 57s)

Appendix D Tri-Fold Brochure This tri-fold brochure was created using the program Canva and was sent home with each child that participated in the lesson plan. Figure D1.

Scene 25 (20m 11s)

Figure D2. Diagram Description automatically generated with medium confidence.