Welcome to Jamea al Kauthar Girls’ Islamic College

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Welcome to Jamea al Kauthar Girls’ Islamic College

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Jamea al Kauthar is an independent academic girls’ establishment aiming to educate Muslim girls over the age of 11 in a safe, secure, happy and Islamic environment.

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Jamea al Kauthar is dedicated to welcoming students into an Islamic environment which is safe, vibrant, and enriching. We aspire to cultivate a strong sense of spirituality, morality and scholarship within our students, inspiring our learners of today to graduate as the able, confident citizens and outstanding role models of tomorrow.

Scene 4 (40s)

Main Entrance from which there are multiple access points to boarding building.

Scene 6 (58s)


Students board in 4 self-contained houses ( Daars ). Here are the entrances to the Daars decorated by students.


Scene 8 (1m 10s)

Boarding rooms, large and small, include beds, wardrobes and space to study.

Scene 9 (1m 16s)

Boarding rooms, large and small, include beds, wardrobes and space to study.

Scene 10 (1m 29s)

Boarding rooms are clean and empty upon arrival of new students.

Scene 11 (1m 33s)

Kitchens in each Daar with sinks, worktop space, microwaves and fridges.

Scene 13 (1m 51s)

Shower cubicles

Scene 14 (2m 0s)


Shower cubicles

Scene 15 (2m 2s)

Health Centre for students’ medical needs

Scene 16 (2m 18s)

Medical bathrooms

Scene 17 (2m 29s)

Laundry room with washing machine and dryers for student use

Scene 18 (2m 42s)

Ironing Room

Ironing Room

Scene 19 (2m 50s)

Student phones for outbound calls

Phone corridor

Scene 20 (2m 58s)

Phone corridor

Scene 21 (3m 12s)

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(Madrasah/School/Sixth Form)

Scene 22 (3m 18s)

Our Islamic studies’ programs are: Alimiyyah (Islamic Scholarship), Tahfeedhul Qur’an ( Memorisation of Qur’an) and Sanatayn (two-year abridged version of Alimiyyah ).

Alhamdulillah, to date, over 850 students have graduated from the various programs.

Path to Daar al- Arqam , Madrasah Building.

Scene 23 (3m 57s)

Daar al- Arqam

Scene 24 (4m 1s)

Madrasah Classroom

Scene 25 (4m 5s)

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Education building

Scene 26 (4m 9s)

School Corridors

Scene 27 (4m 19s)

School/Sixth Form classroom

Scene 30 (4m 45s)

School Library

Scene 31 (4m 50s)

Madrasah Library

Scene 32 (4m 54s)

Madrasah Library

Scene 33 (4m 57s)

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(for prayer, dining, sports, exams and events)

Scene 34 (5m 2s)

Namaaz Hall

Scene 35 (5m 11s)

Upstairs Jalsa Hall Stage

Scene 36 (5m 15s)

Upstairs Jalsa Hall Balcony

Scene 37 (5m 20s)

Downstairs Jalsa Hall

Scene 38 (5m 30s)

Common Room (under refurbishment)

Scene 39 (5m 39s)

External Grounds

Scene 42 (5m 48s)

On-site roads bordering different wings of the boarding building

Scene 43 (5m 52s)

Courtyard (one of two)

Scene 44 (5m 58s)




Walking paths

Scene 48 (6m 32s)

Sports Courts

Scene 49 (6m 36s)

Path back to main driveway

Scene 50 (6m 41s)

Jazak’Allah for watching. May Allah protect and preserve Jamea, its founders, students, staff, volunteers and well-wishers. Aameen .