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20 Tips To Double Your Website Traffic.

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Tip #1. Know your buyer persona Knowing who you’re targeting will make sure you can create content that feels tailor made for them. This increases the chances of them coming back and engaging with your brand, and that sends powerful signals to Google!.

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Tip #2. Know your “why” The key is not to try and appeal to everyone. Have a statement. Have a style. Stand out..

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Tip #3. Have a strong logo Your logo is what will tie this together and communicate it to your visitors, along with other visual language used on your site..

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Tip #4. Offer value Offer SO MUCH value that your audience feels as though they are stealing from you!.

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Tip #5. Use evergreen content Evergreen content is content that will be just as relevant in 10 years as it is now. This is immensely powerful as it will continue to generate traffic even as you make more new posts..

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Tip #6. Be everywhere You should have a presence on every form of social media!.

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Tip #7. Integrate your social media Your social media should be interlinked AND linked with your blog/website..

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Tip #8. Guest post Guest posting is an excellent way to get your site seen, and to gain positive “link juice” from Google..

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Tip #9. Work your way up You won’t land a guest post on a top blog on day one. But by starting small and working up, you can gradually get noticed. ..

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Tip #10. Focus on intent A good keyword has an intent that aligns with what you are writing. In other words, try to identify why someone is searching for your content!.

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Tip #11. Improve page loading speed If your page is slow to load, this will drastically harm your reputation in the eyes of Google..

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Tip #12. Be mobile friendly Mobile friendliness means that your website looks great on a phone or tablet. This is mandatory for good rankings..

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Tip #13. Cover breaking news This has the opposite appeal to evergreen content, but allows you to reach a large audience that will keep coming back for updates..

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Tip #14. Get media coverage Releasing press releases and contacting journalists can gain you free exposure to a huge audience. But ONLY if you are doing something that they will find useful and interesting..

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Tip #15. Write a book This lesser known strategy is amazing for authority AND your relationship with the media..

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Tip #16. Be consistent Be consistent with what you write and post to social media. Make sure that you have a steady supply of quality content..

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Tip #17. Use a video ad For an example of how to do this right, look at Tai Lopez. Tai went from a nobody, to one of the biggest influencers on the net overnight..

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Tip #18. Use PPC PPC is a powerful tool for advertising that will let adapt to your budget and goals..

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Tip #19. Calculate your CLV This tells you how much money you make from each visitor, thus defining your budget for advertising..

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Tip #20. Keep at it! Don’t quit! Success won’t come overnight, but your efforts build on top of one another..