The seasons

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The seasons

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Autumn Winter

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The monsoon type of climate is characterized by a distinct seasonal pattern. The weather conditions greatly change from one season to the other. These changes are particularly noticeable in the interior parts of the country. The coastal areas do not experience much variation in temperature though there is variation in rainfall pattern.

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The cold weather season (winter)

The cold weather season or the winter season starts In the month of November and ends in the month of February. Note: in most parts of the country this season is the dry season as the trade winds of north east blows from land to sea. The weather is normally marked by clear sky, low temperatures, low humidity and winds. In this season the days are warm and the nights are cold.

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The hot weather season (summer)

The summer season is from march to may. During this period, the global heat belt shifts towards north because of the apparent northward movement of the sun. This is also the season of localized thunderstorms; accompanied by violent winds, torrential downpours, and hail. A feature of the hot weather season is ‘loo’. these are strong, gusty, hot and dry winds which blow during the day over the north and the northwestern India. Dust storms are very common in northern India during the month of may.

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Advancing monsoon (Rainy season)

The advancing monsoon occurs in the month of June , July , August and September. Advancing monsoon brings a major change in the weather conditions . At the beginning of the monsoon, western ghats get very high rainfall. North east part of India gets the maximum amount of rainfall because of the advancing monsoon.

Actual -- Normal 15 Jul 16Jun 16 Jun July Delfiio 15 une 5 Jul 1 July. Udäiöår 15 Juné 13-15 June 10 June • 5 June' Arabian Sea 1 Juné - Satna. Guna 7-12 June Gangto n Jlihé Bay of Bengal 1 June ay

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RETREATING MONSOON (the transition season)

Months of October-November form a period of transition from hot rainy season to dry winter conditions The south west monsoon winds become weaker and start to retreat from skies of north India. Weather condition is very harsh during the day due to high temperature and humidity, known as “October heat”. This phase of monsoon is called as the retreating monsoon.

AFGHANISTAN Septu 1 PAKISTAN -Sept. 1 sept. 15 Oct. 1 Arabian Sea Oct. 15 Sept. INDIA 1 100' NORMAL DATES OF WITHDRAWAL CHINA NEPAL— MYANMAR oct. 15 Nov. 1 Nov. 15 Bay of Bengal o Nov. 1 Nov. 15 mi km Dec. 15 Jan. Encyclopedia Braannica. Ine

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