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By Eve Bruderer

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What is the lost dog foundation?

In its role as an animal shelter, The Lost Dogs' Home offers end-to-end services to all lost, stray and unwanted dogs and cats. It operates 24/7 animal pickup services; provides medical and behavioral treatments; and rehomes animals through adoption program or rescue groups (source, 1).

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What is corporate social responsibility and how does the lost dogs home practice it?

Honey Bun's Journey

- Corporate Social Responsibility is a management concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders. (source, 2) - They practice CSR by creating opportunities for businesses to donate to the cause, as well as giving a second opportunity for animals in need.

People are dumping their dogs': Animal shelter adoption lists grow as owners abandon pets

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Aims goals and objectives

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- To fight for the rights of the value and welfare of animals. To promote responsible pet ownership and maintain a continuous campaign to educate the general public about their responsibilities towards the welfare of pet dogs and cats (source, 1)

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Benefits to the community…

- Animal shelters play a vital role in our communities as they continuously work to reunite pets with their owners, shelter those in need and find new homes for animals that are lost, without a permanent home or for those animals that, for our own security, shouldn't be roaming our streets (source, 3)

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Strengths Benefits the community play a vital role in our communities as they continuously work to reunite pets with their owners (source, 3). 16,507 animals came into their care (source, 5) 5,125 animals were adopted (source, 5) 196 staff (source, 5) Raised over 7 million dollars from 2019-2020 (source,5). was established in  1910  to provide a temporary home for Melbourne's lost and starving dogs (source, 5) Weaknesses - The ABC has spoken with dozens of former executives and staff of the Lost Dogs' Home who describe it as a "toxic" workplace, with allegations of bullying, harassment, dangerous work practices and mismanagement. None were prepared to be identified (source,4). Opportunities Opportunities for new partner ship collaborations. Programs for dogs with behavioural issues (source, 5) Threats - Many allegations due to management and workplace. (source, 4)

Swot analysis- the lost dog foundation

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Evaluating- effectiveness

Annual Report 2018

the lost dogs home is an Australian Melbourne based animal shelter that offers end-to-end services to all lost and stray animals. This is an effective business as it has evidently shown care for all animals and supplies 24hr care. The lost dogs home has raised over 7 million dollars from 2019-2020 (source, 5) and continue to raise more money for the cause. The lost dog home has rescued over 16,000 animals and over 5,000 have been adopted from 2019-2020 (source, 5). Overall the lost dogs home have successfully demonstrated positive businesses and continue to do so to benefit the welfare of all strays in Australia.

A Look at the Lost Dogs Home Accused of Killing Dogs for Cash

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Evaluating- stakeholders

The lost dog’s home was established in  1910  to provide a temporary home for Melbourne's lost and starving dogs. Today The Lost Dogs' Home cares for more than twenty-one thousand lost, stray, injured and abandoned dogs and cats every year and is Australia's largest animal shelter (source 5). This would satisfy stakeholders as the are assured that the lost dog's home is an ever-growing organization and that they are putting in the effort to help all animals in need.

Dogs up for adoption | Lost Dogs Home

Behind the scenes at Melbourne's oldest animal shelter

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How can businesses get involved ?

Animal Welfare Charity | The Lost Dogs' Home

Your business can get involved by dedicating a day to go to the shelter and support these animals, this would be a great idea as everyone can get involved for a cause. Your business can also make fundraising occasions to donate to the cause and raise money for the foundation.

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"-The ChristmaS Pet Food Appeal

- The lost dogs home have various fundraising events such as, the Christmas apparel, food apparel and many other sources of donation and community events.

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The lost dogs home hold donation drives to raise money for the cause, Holding a drive to collect bedding, toys or pet food is a fantastic way to get friends, family, colleagues and clients involved in supporting dogs and cats in need (source, 5). They also make handmade blankets and dog jumpers for Dogs of all sizes.


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