THE EFFECT OF ICT IN INNOVATION LEVEL: THE PANAMA SMES CASE Nor Aziah Mehat (824914) Junaidah Yusof (824912)

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THE EFFECT OF ICT IN INNOVATION LEVEL: THE PANAMA SMES CASE Nor Aziah Mehat (824914) Junaidah Yusof (824912)

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Examine the implications that exist between data and innovation correspondence in limited and medium -sized enterprises. C ommercial achievement factor is to accept a high development culture in trade. Ideal opportunity for a business vision in Panama is for progress and optimistic creativity in the field of business.

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Model contends that the reception of development happens step by step and that the choice of the adopters to embrace the innovation depends on their impression of the innovation .

The improvement of development in the activities the board and little and medium ventures of Panama field is urgent to keep on making due in the present exceptionally worldwide and serious market

Business people need to impart a culture of development and inventiveness in each business person beginning today

ICT can used to control exercises that allude to shared exercises and practices including conventional standards and techniques to bode well in picking the innovation of decision for reception.

ICT is the most part estimated by the degree of item scattering in the association and ICT by the board is affected by the rate and speed of utilization

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Provincial people group have gotten mindful of the significance of ICT in their lives. Nonetheless, the vast majority of them don't completely apply the utilization of Internet innovation in their lives.

The vast majority of them incline toward advances that are straightforward and simple to utilize contrasted with innovations that are troublesome however more advantageous

An amicable connection among innovation and business ought to be set up. On the off chance that the utilization of innovation is dismissed, organizations will lose seriousness either locally or universally.

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