Sustainable management of natural resources

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Sustainable management of natural resources. what.

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As citizens of a society we have a responsibility to manage our waste sustainably. We can do this following the three R’s of waste management: REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE ..

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This is all about reducing your use of harmful, wasteful and non-recyclable materials to save you money, help the environment and so on. We would always advise using the minimal amount required to avoid excess waste. It could then be used for future requirements also. This means that we should use less. For example: Save Electricity by switching off unnecessary lights and fans Save water by repairing leaky taps. Do not waste food..

Scene 4 (58s)

Save Electricity Save Water Do not waste Food. reduce.

Scene 5 (1m 3s)

It means using the same thing again and again. So, Instead of throwing papers, we can reverse it and use again. Plastic bottles can be used again to store items. We can take polythene bags with us while going to market and ask shopkeeper to put goods in that polythene bag instead of using new one..

Scene 7 (1m 31s)

This means we should collect items like plastic, paper, glass and use these materials to make new products, instead of using new plastic, or new metals. Example: We should use the kind of plastics which can be recycled to make new products, like Thermoplastics..

Scene 8 (1m 51s)

Paper and Cardboard Metal Take-out Containers Glass Mixed Material Newspaper Aluminum Foil.