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[Audio] LOTS OF EMPLOYERS STILL OFFER REMOTE WORKING THIS IS HOW TO DO IT. HOW TO RECRUIT AND ONBOARD REMOTE WORKERS Looking to fill a skills gap remotely? With Covid- 19 and the official recommendation to remain working from home where possible looking likely to remain, many businesses are turning to remote recruitment and onboarding to remain operational. Not only does remote onboarding and recruitment help to keep both current employers and potential candidates safe from Covid-19 transmission, but it also has a range of time and cost-saving benefits. This makes it an increasingly popular way to attract and engage staff. However, there are a few pitfalls to be aware of before getting started with remote recruitment plans. Read on to discover why a hybrid approach o�en offers the best results for your business and delivers a candidate experience that's memorable for all the right reasons..

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[Audio] Recruiting remotely lends itself well to efficiently pre-screening candidates before deciding on your final interview list. Given that some roles are in greater demand than others, you might find hundreds of applications need to be si�ed through. If you have set pre-screening questions for candidates submitting a digital application, filtering out those who do not meet your criteria should be a quick and easy process. STEP 1: PRE-INTERVIEW SCREENING IS MORE EFFICIENT Using technology such as video calls to carry out interviews or inductions for remote workers is nothing new, but it has become much more commonplace. The good news for yourself and your candidates is that with no travel time required, the entire process is more efficient. A video interview means candidates are also in their own familiar space, which can mean they're more relaxed and natural, allowing you to better gauge their suitability for the role. STEP 2: LESS TIME WASTED AT INTERVIEW Once the recruitment process is complete and you've made your candidate selection, giving your new hire the best start to their new role is critical if you want them to get off to a flying start. From videos of your physical workspace, adding them to workgroup Whatsapps or even throwing them a Friday a�ernoon meet & greet event on Zoom so that they can meet their colleagues without leaving home, this is an important part of any recruitment process and can help your new hire settle in nicely. To go a step further, modern technology such as gamification and AI can even be harnessed to create a memorable, useful and informative onboarding process STEP 3: THE ONBOARDING PROCESS CAN BECOME MORE ENGAGING.

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[Audio] VIRTUAL HIRING SUCCESS STORIES "We approached our client who is a mid-size Multinational CRO company; they were searching for a high demanding role of " Principal Biostatistician" for more than 3 months. We met with the hiring manager virtually to understand the gaps they saw in the variety of candidates they had interviewed. Once we captured the pain points from the hiring manager, we have surprised our client with some immediate joiners' profile and rescued them from crucial resourcing situation and were able to close the position with 4: 2: 1 ( 4CV's: 2Offers:1Joinee) ratio and candidate joined a�er 30 days of notice period, 100% closure happened within 35 days of assignment signed. 01 SUCCESS STORY " TalentSurabhi" worked with a multinational CRO to identify a technical expert on high demanding role of " Lead Statistical Programmer" Position in India. We had a difficult task to close this position as the number of candidates who would qualify were few in number and the candidate who we found was a strong candidate, Immediate joiner but she was a difficult person to deal with, so we treaded the ground cautiously and took extra care to ensure she felt comfortable with us and the client. With the submission of 6CV's, this position was closed with 6:2:1 ratio and 100% closure happened within 30 days of receiving the requirements. 02 SUCCESS STORY.

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[Audio] " TalentSurabhi" was recommended to fastest growing multinational CRO to help them fill their ongoing multiple open positions for Biostatisticians and Statistical Programmers roles in India to overcome their crucial resourcing needs. During our initial search process, we have understood that lack of visibility and branding of our client was seemed to be the bottlenecks. As a strategic recruitment partner, we went above and beyond and helped our client with our market intelligence insights which lead to create a new role for HR Leadership. As a solution to our client existing problems, We upsold a profile for the position of " CHRO", at first, things went smooth with the interviews concluding in a week but we ran into another difficulty as the CTC of the candidate was beyond client budget. We put our best step forward and convinced the candidate to join this fastest growing CRO by detailing her the impact that she would be creating with this opportunity and grow significantly with our client organization. TalentSurabhi worked closely with the client & candidate to bring the search to a successful conclusion, we were able to close the position with 1: 1:1 ratio and 100% closure happened within 20 days of assignment signed. 03 SUCCESS STORY.

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[Audio] TalentSurabhi management Team has been extremely instrumental in delivering the success of my placement at Clinchoice Pvt Ltd with their faster response time and seamless communication with constant updates. It has been obvious since the start of our engagement that the team is well-equipped with in-depth knowledge of Pharma recruitment industry. I was very impressed with the overall professionalism and also the lengths that Gayathri and the team went to secure me a great position. I highly recommend TalentSurabhi Recruitment as your recruitment partner. SUNIL KUMAR Clinchoice. " "My experience with TalentSurabhi has been nothing short of excellent. Geffrey Manuel is extremely friendly and highly involved throughout the whole process, with feedback from the employer being communicated to me almost immediately. I was lucky enough to get the job offer from them. I am extremely grateful to Geffery for making the process very straightforward. I highly recommend TalentSurabhi for their professionalism, as well as for their very friendly approach to recruitment. Not but the least I would like to thank regarding the motivation given by Geffrey during the process. Geffrey was incredibly responsive, supportive and helpful. It felt like a really personal service which can be rare. Thanks so much, I've really enjoyed my experience with TalentSurabhi and the job you have found me ticks all the boxes I was looking for." DR. AMANPREET Agati Clinical Informatics. CANDIDATE TESTIMONIALS " ".

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[Audio] It was a great pleasure working with TalentSurabhi ( TS) for multiple positions of Senior to Principal Biostatistician's role. Their efforts in identifying right talents meeting Job Descriptions and hiring manager requirements were exceptional. Gayathri Suresh from TS turned back very quickly with the right set of candidate profiles including immediate joiners that was so impressive and saved us from a very crucial resourcing situation. I found that they were very diligent in every stage from CV circulation to ensuring no offer drop-outs till the last moment. Among other recruitment agencies I have worked with, I strongly believe that TS services are superior to other agencies with regard to their value-added services. My Overall impression and experience with TS is above and beyond my expectations. I have experienced their profound knowledge and expertise in CRO/Pharma Industry recruitment on various interactions. I thank the entire TS team for their extraordinary support and I highly recommend their services. DR. SAKTHIVEL SIVAM, PhD Director of Biostatistics, Quartesian. We value our relationship with TalentSurabhi team." Gayathri possesses a deep knowledge of the life sciences sector and works with a wide network of well-qualified individuals across a range of job disciplines. What I value the most is that she always listens but never afraid to push back when she feels that someone is the right fit for our business. Having a vendor partnership with Gayathri and Talent Surabhi has significantly improved our time to-hire on several key roles over the past 2 yrs." NEHA KAPOOR, HR Manager at Emmes. " " CLIENT TESTIMONIALS ".

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