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Carl David Mclean

The Morning Take Back

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Take Back - The Morning

Table Of Contents

Welcome to the Blog - Carl David Mclean 3

Why is it important to Relax? 5

Tips 5

1.  Stay in Bed 5

2.  Have a shower before you do anything else 6

3.  Eating in front of the TV 8

4.  Avoid Caffeine 9

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Welcome to the Blog

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Take Back - The Morning

Welcome to the Blog - Carl David Mclean

"Your life won't get easier. You'll get stronger!"

I am delighted to welcome you to �rst blog.  This blog contains snippets of what I

didn't include in my book.  I wanted the book to be short and cover a lot in one short

hit, so I kept a lot out.  Here is the blurb for the book which explains a few things.

This isn't a sales pitch.  It's a way of using the material I had written for people who

are interested.


Do you �nd yourself alone, even when there are people around you?

When your friends ask if you're ok, do you worry why they've said that?

Are you constantly worried about your choices, the one's you've already made

and, more importantly, the one's you haven't?

Is your job letting you down, and you want to be somewhere else?

Is the grass always greener on the other side, and you're never content with what

you have?



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Blog 1 - The Importance of Relaxing - The Morning

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Take Back - The Morning

Why is it important to Relax?

How to improve Mindfulness?

How to Lose weight by adopting a Mindfulness Eating approach?

Break Bad Habits today.

Declutter your Mind in under 5 minutes.

How to be happier at work?

You will learn how to Take Back Control

Unlike most Self-Help books, a has written this book. The author has

called upon past experiences and recorded the strategies which were fundamental

to his recovery. By changing his mindset and making minor tweaks in his everyday

life, he has turned his life around. Since writing the book, he's recovered the strength

to receive a promotion. He's getting married following a positive and loving

relationship and has repaired bonds with his family and friends.


"It's been the most rewarding and life-changing thing I've ever done." -

Carl David McLean

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The Importance of Relaxing - The Morning

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Take Back - The Morning

We all know that stress is a killer right?  The statistics show a rapid increase in the

number of people taking antidepressants.  In fact, the number of people in England

taking antidepressants has more than doubled in the past decade.  Stress is known

as the 'Number 1 Silent killer' and we should try to minimise the risk of stress in our

daily lives.  That's the goal, right?  Yes, you are right, but is it that simple?  I suppose

that we have all been guilty at times rushing around, overdoing the 'what's possible'

in a day and at the end of the day, lay shattered on the settee, thinking, why did I do

that?  I suppose the long term e�ect of this daily scenario could be that you start to

resent your loved ones, which is the opposite emotion to the one you are yearning

for.  Not relaxing, or 'chillaxing' is dangerous to your health. Here are some top tips

for you to try.


1.  Stay in Bed

If you have been in bed for the last three days, then it's time to call a doctor or

health professional for help.  This isn't good.  I'm talking about when the alarm goes

o�.  The night before, set it for half an hour before you expect to get up.  When it

sounds in the morning, switch it o� but make sure you open the curtains or if it's a

warm day, open the window. What about sitting up in bed? Why not think about

what you have to do during the day or make a top three things to-do list, but try to

not make it about work.

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The Importance of Relaxing - The Morning

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Take Back - The Morning

The Scottish Shower

2.  Have a shower before you do anything else

You've probably read that a hot shower will wake you up.  Actually, during my

research for this paper, I read nothing but the total opposite.  I mean, what? A hot

shower actually prepares your body for sleep.  So that explains why I'm usually

yawning in the shower in the morning.  There is something new trending which I will

share with you and feel free to look it up to �nd more about it.  The Scottish shower

- Not for the faint of heart.

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>The Importance of Relaxing - The Morning Page 6 Take Back - The Morning 3.  Eating in front of the TV A Scottish Shower is basically a 90-second shower whereby you go in cold for 30 seconds, hot for 30 seconds and cold for 30 seconds.  I'm personally going to decline this one and if you have any heart complaints, I don't suggest you do either.  Some people opt for this method of showering and claim to have received many health bene�ts such as: Healthier hair and skin. Stronger Immune System. Higher testosterone Levels. Weight Loss Also, about the shower thing.  I was told a few years back to drink a pint of cold water before you shower to reduce your blood pressure. .  If you do su�er from high BP, then a nice refreshing glass of beetroot juice will help. This is actually true and beetroot doesn't actually taste that bad. This is a Myth

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The Importance of Relaxing - The Morning

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Take Back - The Morning

4.  Avoid Caffeine

This also includes phones/ipads/airpods.  I mean, why would you?  Why  don't

you try eating and thinking about what you're eating?  The television in the morning

is going to get your mind thinking about a load of negative emotions. I mean, take a

few topics from today's news

Trial date for the PC who killed ****

New safety measures after ***'s killing

Labour MP resigns with immediate e�ect.

MP's call for inquiry into football's index scandal.


To be honest, the news is so sensationalised nowadays, it's best to steer clear.

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The Importance of Relaxing - The Morning

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Take Back - The Morning

Ca�eine can cause a burst of energy as it stimulates the central nervous system.

Most people drink co�ee in the morning to help them wake up, but drinking co�ee

�rst thing in the morning can also create gut health issues . Drinking co�ee on an

empty stomach could damage your stomach lining and cause indigestion and

heartburn. It can even increase anxiety and hinder your ability to focus. Instead, try

drinking co�ee in the mid-morning or early-afternoon for the best results. Or, try a

non- ca�eine alternative.

Our next Blog will feature how we can make healthier choices with the food we eat

during our day.

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The Author Visit carldavidmclean.com / Facebpok (@CDMBooks) CDMBooks is a brand new book company dedicated t writing and promoting books that people from all wall

The Author

Visit carldavidmclean.com / Facebook (@CDMBooks)

CDMBooks is a brand new book company dedicated to

writing and promoting books that people from all walks

of life enjoy.

Carl David Mclean is an educator, author and musician.

His �rst book, 'Time to Take Back Control' was his labour

of love and was a direct result of his own experiences.

He is committed to writing content that helps people

who have experienced traumatic experiences.