Subject name: International Public Relations name: Mohamed AbdelZaher Student's work: Mazoon Al Ali – Afra khalifa

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Subject name: International Public Relations name: Mohamed AbdelZaher Student’s work: Mazoon Al Ali – Afra khalifa.

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Uae and soft power. The soft power of the UAE aims at a government that includes sustainable global action, includes humanity, highlights the civilized image of the UAE, develops effective international networks with roles and institutions around the world, and consolidates the country’s reputation as a country that loves all peoples..

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UAE and global humanitarian support. Initiatives of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum1. There is the largest institution of its kind specialized in humanitarian work, which amounted to one billion and 300 million dirhams and benefited 71 million from 108 countries. His Highness said our happiness is in giving and our honor in serving the needy, and our country is fortunate with goodness and charity rises..

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They have more than 120,000 volunteers who help us in our initiative and hundreds of employees in the initiative, and 30 charitable and humanitarian institutions have been launched, with the possibility of opening more to support humanitarianism..

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Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed's message to the world : Our country gives without limits, and we must make humanitarian giving a message of love to the world and with love built by Zayed and with goodness its highest position, and Sheikh Zayed, may God have mercy on him, will remain a global symbol of goodness and humanity..

Scene 6 (1m 34s)

The important elements of the soft power of the UAE in global humanitarian work.

Scene 7 (2m 1s)

The United Arab Emirates continued its goal of sustainable development and spent more than 50% of the total aid amounting to 28.26 billion dirhams to support initiatives of arms, justice, economic growth and poverty eradication. She contributed to many cash and in-kind assistance, water, water, needy families, orphans, the elderly in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and Mauritania..

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Conclusion. The date of August 19, 2003 was designated as World Humanitarian Day, as a commemoration of the attack that took place at Qanat Hotel in the Iraqi capital, which led to the killing of 22 people, including humanitarian affairs staff in Iraq..

Scene 9 (2m 39s)

Project steps:. 1 . The official portal of the UAE government confirmed all supportive efforts during the Covid pandemic. 2 . The global humanitarian aid for the UAE has been extracted from the official Gulf newspaper. 3 . The Emirates Red Crescent includes volunteers who have been active in the internal and external aid of the UAE. 4. sayings of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid included all support and concern for financial and food aid to countries in need. 5 . The images were extracted as evidence from the Internet and videos through the UAE's humanitarian aid globally ..

Scene 10 (3m 6s)

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