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[Audio] What it Takes to Inspire Your People to Work Safe.

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[Audio] Keeping your People safe at work is a never ending process – and one that can easily consume most of your time As Safety Leaders – it must be our daily mission to ensure that our People complete what we ask of them – without mishap or incident. This presentation is being offered to give Supervisors from various Industries – ideas or guidance in carrying out their mission...of Keeping Their People Safe..

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[Audio] What a Safety Leader / Supervisor is to Me Supervisor Safety Challenges Safety Suggestions to Supervisors.

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[Audio] What a safety Leader is to me? A SAFETY LEADER the ONE RESPONSIBLE for the safety of his / her work group and the safe performance and execution of work group operations ACTS ON all safety Issues that are raised – ensures their completion – and communicates their status to their people. CONDUCTS SAFETY TRAINING that is needed and applicable to a work group – that includes involvement and safety takeaways..

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[Audio] What a safety Leader is to me? A SAFETY LEADER COMMUNICATES SAFETY INFORMATION in various forms not only to their work group, but up the chain of command as well. ENCOURAGES and EXPECTS his / her people to be part of the company safety process and takes action to involve them in it. KNOWS HOW safety requirements and performance fit into the organizations business strategy and relates such to his / her people..

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[Audio] What is a Supervisor is to Me? Leader Communicator Planner Administrator Well Organized Coach Disciplinarian Time Manager Co-Worker Counselor Employee Change Agent Safety Champion Flexible Adaptable Learner Teacher.

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[Audio] Supervisors can face various and many Safety Challenges including – Tool & Equipment Issues : T&E inspections, lack of the right / proper T&E, improper maintenance, breakdowns / downtime, lacking of proper training to use, etc. Work Environment : poor housekeeping, union vs. management differences, stress from possible layoffs, off shift differences, hazardous working conditions, etc..

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[Audio] Supervisors can face various and many Safety Challenges including – Training Issues : lack of supervisory training, limited time for training, outdated training methods, providing safety takeaways, etc. Work Group Involvement : lack of employee safety involvement / interest, being part of the process, promoting active participation, etc..

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[Audio] Supervisors can face various and many Safety Challenges including – Compliance Issues : internal and external safety requirements, how they differ and are similar, what actions are needed to attain, etc. Sharing Responsibility: encouraging work group employees that safety is their responsibility too and that they should watch out for the safety of their co-workers..

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[Audio] Supervisors can face various and many Safety Challenges including – Safety Time : knowing what time the organization affords to safety, and maximizing it to provide the most safety impact to work group. Accident Investigation : knowing how to conduct that properly identifies the root cause and taking actions to prevent its reoccurrence..

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[Audio] What are ways in which You the Safety Leader can keep your People Safe? Supervisor Safety Training.