Marketing Principles Summative Assignment 1 Group 1D Electric Cars

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Scene 1 (0s)

Marketing Principles Summative Assignment 1 Group 1D Electric Cars.

Scene 2 (6s)

Our aim. To provide you with focused information about the consumer behaviors in the electric car industry Present to you how the mental state of the consumer will play a large part in the success of the launch.

Scene 3 (29s)

Traditional Model of consumer decision-making process.

Scene 4 (52s)

Creating The Need. Why do they need ”The Affordable Electric Car” We must demonstrate on highlighting the “Magnitude of Discrepancy” Minimize Need Inhibitors This is the future Fixed price schemes Evidence of reliability.

Scene 5 (1m 30s)

Providing the information. Quality of product “Tesla does not advertise or pay for endorsements. Instead, we use that money to make the product great.” Third Party Reviews Consumers will watch reviews, e.g. top gear, carwow , grand tour Read articles Digital presence Social Media and Consumer behaviour Increase search presence.

Scene 6 (2m 6s)

Alternative options. Establish a name to ensure you are included in the evoked set Competitive pricing Consumers will use price comparison sights Demonstrate the savings Competitor's example “The Affordable Electric Car” must be affordable in comparison to its competition.

Scene 7 (2m 40s)

Theory of Reasoned Action. Diagram Description automatically generated.

Scene 8 (3m 21s)

Secure the purchase. Strong indication on where the consumers stand. The point where you continue to communicate the brands position in fulfilling these needs to spur a decision..

Scene 9 (3m 55s)

Minimizing Cognitive Dissonance. Call center. Maximum customer satisfaction..

Scene 10 (4m 25s)

Mental State. A picture containing text, pink Description automatically generated.

Scene 11 (5m 1s)

Internal Influences on consumer behaviour. Definition The decisions consumers make as a result of their lifestyle and way of thinking.

Scene 12 (6m 28s)

Demographics. What does this include? Age Gender Income Level Family Size.

Scene 13 (7m 3s)

psychographics. Relates to: Personality Lifestyle Interests Opinions Attitudes Beliefs Values.

Scene 14 (7m 57s)

motivation. An internal feeling that leads to people identifying and buying products and services Drives consumers to act.

Scene 15 (8m 52s)

A person wearing a white coat and tie Description automatically generated with low confidence.

Scene 16 (9m 54s)

External Influences on consumer behaviour. Culture Family Influences Reference Group.

Scene 17 (10m 5s)

culture. Basic Value Environmentally friendly Sustainable Development.

Scene 18 (11m 16s)

Reference group. Family Safe Spacious Government Petrol vehicles will be fully banned in 2024.

Scene 19 (13m 13s)


Scene 20 (13m 32s)

MAKING AN IMPACT. Social Media Presence TV Adverts.

Scene 21 (14m 46s)

Providing the key facts. Highly developed website Sales reps and online ”LIVE CHAT ”.

Scene 22 (15m 54s)

Post-purchase customer service. Personalized follow ups ‘HOW-TO’ videos and care tips.

Scene 23 (16m 42s)

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