Streetcar Situation

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Scene 1 (0s)

Streetcar.m4a. Streetcar Situation. By Lakshmi Supraja Uppalapati.

Scene 2 (1m 34s)

Problem. Gears up close. Brakes Failure and driver has no control.

Scene 3 (1m 43s)

Decision. A Simple Switch could cause a potential damage Follow your Gut Instincts Make it quick.

Scene 4 (1m 54s)

What Would I Do?. Checkmate in a chess game. I am ready to get my hands dirty: I would choose saving 5 people instead of saving 1.

Scene 5 (2m 5s)

Utilitarianism. Good Consequences = Good Actions Morality is on the effect of a good Action that benefits most people For the Greater good, Number maters.

Scene 6 (2m 17s)

Consequences. I am ready to take the consequences for my actions: Ready to lose my job.

Scene 7 (2m 26s)

Streetcar.m4a. Advices/ Learning Outcome. -Use a Two way Radio -Train brakes Should be checked before each ride -Safety first, Always aware of your surroundings.

Scene 8 (3m 56s)

Thank you. Smiling Face with No Fill.