21st Foundation Day

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21 st Foundation Day. MAY'MI BZlKJUÄCSER\/lcs. Conceptualised By:.

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With the same thought in mind, Steag is all set to host their foundation day 2022. The motive behind this event would be to acknowledge the perennial efforts & performance of the Steag Family, and provide everyone with an opportunity to celebrate. The management will also motivate the employees with their words of wisdom that will fuel them to strive towards a better & brighter future. The event will also include the involvement of the family members, which will impart a feel-good factor amongst the employees..

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02. 03. 01. Theme for the year 2022 is “Green & Clean Energy” around which we would develop the overall theme on a concept.

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PRE EVENT IDEATION. To create a hype and induce enthusiasm among the employees & families, we would be planning several pre-event activities. E MAILERS : We would be circulating several emailers to the employees in accordance to the theme, as an invite for the event.. WELCOME VIDEO : We would request the eminent members from the management to shoot an video and invite the employees in their own way. This would be impactful and would create the much needed eagerness among the employees. PRE EVENT ENGAGEMENT : To promulgate about the event various engagement options which will be interactive & will engage the employees by creating.

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Renewable Energy. To create an event buzz we would keep on rolling Mailers, Video Teasers over mails to employees & families to invite. We would also design various mailers like: Save the Date Mailer Countdown Mailer Technical Guideline Mailer Engagement Mailer.

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AR INVITE VIDEO. A new yet an engaging technology to invite the employees and build some excitement we bring the AR technology where we would record a message video of the CEO inviting all to the event. In this we would have the them logo scanned by the employees after which a pop a video will appear giving a illusion of 3d video in the screen. Reference Video link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Dk8M2IHumE.

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Future Predictions Of How Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality Will Reshape Our Lives.

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VIRTUAL ACTIVITIES. Why not engage attendees before they arrive to the venue! We plan to have activities aligned before the event dates via virtual platform. To organise this we would create a platform and run various activities on different days..

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This is a fun activity that will make everybody fall on the floor with laughter, But wait its with a twist ! In this each department will nominate one person who will participate in this activity. To Participate employee needs to join us over zoom where the activity will be curated. The activity would be done on online meeting platforms for 4hrs for a day, where all the participants need to keep their video and audio on all the time. Each and every employee would try to make other laugh. The one who laughs will get eliminated. To spice the activity we can also invite a comedian for 10 minutes to crack jokes. The one who stays till last will win the competition..

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THE TALENT HUNT. In this activity we ask employee to showcase their talents in different sectors with their performances like: Musical Act: Singing/Instrument Dance Theatre Act Stand-up Act Employee can share their recorded videos, management needs to select 5 videos that will be uploaded on the pre-event platform and we would have live polling on a particular day. Employees can rate all the performances, the one who wins maximum votes, their video will be shown on the event day and they will be rewarded by management..

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SHOOT, UPLOAD, SHARE In this we ask employees to participate in teams. Employees can also involve their families and friends as well. The team need to make a 2 minute short movies on any genre as per their preference. They will be taking care of all segments starting from script, production, filming etc. The employees can shoot their respective parts from different places or collectively at one single point. From the entries received management needs to select the 3 best videos. These videos will be uploaded on the web portal and on a single day we would have live polling to rate the movies. The best movie with maximum votes will be rewarded..

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We would a organise a quiz content on the event online portal. Each day there would be a different question based on the company journey, company values, its products etc. Employee needs to log in to the platform and answer the question on daily basis. The questions are designed in various formats, such as: Image format Audio format Video format The employees who answer the maximum questions correct over the days will be rewarded..

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Event Day Conceptulization. Recordings Event Creative Element Corporate AV Entertainment Segment.

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Energy Power - Indonesia Environment & Energy Center.

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POST EVENT. In this, we would ask the MD to provide us with a thank you note that will be sent to all the employees post event. The note will be customised and designed as per the theme of the event and will be sent to each employee with their names..