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Scene 1 (0s)

Political Controversies about Marginalized Groups Increase Bullying in Youths - UT News.

Scene 2 (9s)

General Background. Deuteronomy was written by Moses Book of Law Greek transliteration “ 2 nd Law” Hebrew Translation “he shall write for himself a copy of the law in a book”.

Scene 3 (20s)

Resources. Halley’s Bible Handbook Insight for Living Ministry’s Resources On the Bible Reading Different Translations of the Bible Whatever helps you best understand God’s word Any other questions I have go to Pastor and he will either answer the question or guide me to scripture.

Scene 4 (35s)

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Scene 5 (48s)

The Lesson in Short. The lesson instructs us to treat others in different situations justly. Concerning loans , the needy or less fortunate, widows and orphans ..

Scene 6 (59s)

Questions I Had. What does this mean? How can it be applied today?.

Scene 7 (1m 7s)

Two People. dsf.

Scene 8 (1m 14s)

Just treatment in Lending. v. 10-13 STRAIGHTFORWARD These verses focus on two people: lender and borrower Boundaries regarding lending practices.

Scene 9 (1m 24s)

Just Treatment in Labor. v. 14-15 These verses focus on two people: employer and employee regardless of citizenship; looking towards their humanity Boundaries regarding labor practices.

Scene 10 (1m 35s)

Just Treatment in the Law. v. 16-18 These verses focus on the manipulation of the law and remembering where you/we once were Everyone has to take responsibility for their own crimes or sins Reminded of Mandatory minimums for nonviolent drug crime during the cocaine epidemic; crack use was stigmatized, and harsher penalties were doled out while cocaine use did not garner the same penalties..

Scene 11 (1m 55s)

Just Treatment in the Harvest. v. 19-21 Focus: taking enough and not being selfish; making sure there is enough for marginalized population Reminded of Ruth 2:2-3, 7-10, when Naomi sends her to glean at the kinsmen redeemer, Boaz’s field. They’re the same practices instructed in these texts, extending generosity to orphans, widows, and foreigners as God did to the Israelites and us..

Scene 12 (2m 16s)

Political Controversies about Marginalized Groups Increase Bullying in Youths - UT News.