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Scene 1 (0s)

Hsbns aNB.

Scene 3 (10s)

The Kingdom of Bahrain's First SMASH Room & SPLATTER Room.

Scene 4 (15s)

SMASH ROOM. Feeling Stressed??? Angry ??? Down???.

Scene 5 (20s)

Join US to Break. Glasses Plates Laptops T.V. Screens & More!!!.

Scene 6 (25s)

1.10. Splatter Room. Feeling Creative??? Wanna Express your Inner Artiest ??? Get Relaxed???.

Scene 7 (30s)

Get Creative!!!. Play With Colours!!! Paint a Master Piece!!! Take it Home!!!.

Scene 8 (35s)

RdN02526 Spartan Fitness Bahrain Dilmun Club Bahrain Rugby Football Club OBIaze Burgers 'i Hamburger restaurant )tocol IPTV) Jana:yyat Seven Candles Karami Corner Janabiya Square Roast Coffee Roastery 'Solid Design Studio RdN0 7537 7539 El Mercado Mall • RdN07151 Saar Burial Mounds Road 7734 Google The Atrium Mall Tower Media Center Rd N02sn Abo Younis Farm Education Coca Alhamalah Swimming Pool 2.