Something New with NASA

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Something New with NASA. A pitch presentation by Nyemadi Dunbar.

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Pitch Deck.

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The current NASA.GOV. Overcrowded landing page Overwhelming information architecture Difficult to source insights and interests Dated design.

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The new nasa. Streamlined information architecture Forward thinking design that builds upon the legacy of NASA Makes use of various mediums in a dynamic way: text, video, audio, and graphic design Easy and exciting to learn about NASA and stay up to date on their scientific findings The site as a central hub for research, insights and advancements that are on the horizon.

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Text, logo Description automatically generated. Pitch Deck.

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First. Second. Third. The ability to position itself for increased federal funding and private collaborations.

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A website is not only a first impression or a repository of knowledge. Created well, it also becomes a familiar face for stakeholders and audiences..

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Market Players. Pitch Deck. 19. A picture containing sky, outdoor, smoke, transport Description automatically generated.

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Key resources. Pitch Deck. 20.

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pEOPLE. pACING. PROCESS. Each resource is a support that can be nurtured or a barrier that can be mitigated.

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Pacing. Pitch Deck. 22. Websites are built over PHASES: Goal setting & brainstorming, workflow creation, wireframes & mock-ups, design & development, testing, launch & maintenance Projects of this scale require guardrails to ensure quality and flexibility in production. From the start we build in both. TIMING: 12 to 16 months This is a timeline that is comfortable — but keeps us on our toes as it does not last forever. A longer timeline gives us room to produce ahead of schedule and offers a buffer for delays or additional exploration in any of the design phases. Any challenges that arise drive us to discover innovative shifts and creative alternatives, as we keep to the timeline we set forth..

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process. Pitch Deck. 23. There is a saying that “What got you here, won’t get you there” — a saying that NASA appears to know well given the scientific and cultural shifts that have taken place at the agency. Thriving occurs in the beyond that we may not know — but can create processes to navigate and then refine said processes as we explore. A process is implemented and supported well by the pacing practices we lay out (which we’ve discussed previously) AND the people we place on this project which we cover next.

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people. Pitch Deck. 24. A blend of internal and external partners is the best approach The team is aligned in terms of talent, knowledge and openness to a new style and wheelhouse of work People are dynamic — and while their behavior and motives could be a challenge here — being open to their ideas and critiques can offer interesting pathways through and around any constraints..

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Stakeholder analysis & Regulatory Considerations.

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External PARTNERS. DM.Experiential (DM.E). California-based production company.

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NASA liaisons & champions. A picture containing person indoor posing Description automatically generated.

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Financial Analysis. Pitch Deck. 28.

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LIABILITIES. Pitch Deck. 29. From FY 2020 to FY 2021, NASA’s total liabilities increased by 6% due to a stronger commitment to its vision Like NASA’s expanded scope of work, a website refresh can be risky in terms of shifting timelines for completion or overall goals, the work needed to ensure continual buy-in, and potential delays for return on investment. However, like the mission of NASA, the purpose and payoff of a website refresh outweighs the risks endured. In a world filled with random variables, the ideal inputs and outputs may not materialize in the way we expected on the road that we travel to bring this project to life. Some may call this failure; I call it feedback for forward movement. If you never falter, you never learn. And without opportunities that do not go as planned, there are fewer opportunities to strengthen one’s team, internal processes, and ability to engage with consumers..

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ASSETS. Pitch Deck. 30. An avenue has already been carved out for this project to travel! This website shift and its concurrent PR and engagement activities fill the gap your agency forecast : Creative Communications Marketing for FY 2022 Slated at $5 million over 5 years, both the ideal and alternative costs of this project fit within this forecast Funds to spare for website maintenance, core comms and PR needs, and any additional, smaller projects.

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Sample Financials. Operations. TOTAL : $1.4mil. 2022.

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Financial Facts. Pitch Deck. 32. 2020 From FY 2020 to FY 2021, NASA increased its net position from $14.9 million to $16.3 million — despite increased liabilities. 2021 From FY 2020 to FY 2021, NASA’s total liabilities increased by 6% due to a stronger commitment to carry out off-world missions, tech advances, and planetary research..

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NET POSITION. Pitch Deck. 33. Increased federal funding Increased revenue agreements and collaborations with other government agencies, private companies, and academic institutions Congress will want to ensure that NASA is monetarily established as key player in space and, can continue to churn out economic output like it did in FY 2019 to the tune of $64.3 billion.

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Pitch Deck.

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Go for launch!. The next giant leap for humanity is upon us, and with a website refresh, NASA is well-equipped to be at the forefront.

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•. Pitch Deck.

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Market comparison. $3B. $2B. $1B. Opportunity to build.

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Growth strategy. Feb 20XX. Roll out product to high profile or top-level participants to help establish the product.

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FINANCIALS. Year 1 Year 2 INCOME Users 50,000 400,000 1,600,000 Sales 500,000 4,000,000 16,000,000 Average price per sale 75 80 90 Revenue @ 15% 5,625,000 48,000,000 216,000,000 GROSS PROFIT 5,625,000 48,000,000 216,000,000 Expenses Sales & marketing 5,062,500 38,400,000 151,200,000 70% Customer service 1,687,500 9,600,000 21,600,000 10% Product development 562,500 2,400,000 10,800,000 5% Research 281,250 2,400,000 4,320,000 2% TOTAL EXPENSES 7,593,750 52,800,000 187,920,000.

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SUMMARY. At Contoso, we believe in giving 110%. By using our next-generation data architecture, we help organizations virtually manage agile workflows. We thrive because of our market knowledge and great team behind our product. As our CEO says, "Efficiencies will come from proactively transforming how we do business.”.

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Our competition. Convenient. Competitor A. Contoso.

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MEET THE TEAM. Team member headshot. TAKUMA HAYASHI​.

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MEET THE TEAM. Team member headshot. TAKUMA HAYASHI.