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Scene 1 (0s)

It’s always seems impossible Until it seems done

Scene 2 (7s)

Can Anyone Help how to proceed further.

I have an Issue with one of my Supplier, refusing to Join Tradeshift.

Hi, I’m Sandy I’m a Supplier Owner

Scene 3 (20s)

He mailed his concern to TS Supplier

He Came to know about TS Supplier team

You searched for man working on laptop computer.businessman with application icons .cartoon vector illustration. man working on laptop computer.businessman with finance idea.

Where he got the information about Supplier elimination from Tradeshift via Elementum Ticket

TS Supplier informed him about Tradeshift Waiver Process

Please go through the waiver Process Step by Step.

Scene 4 (55s)

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Now Sandy is Happy as he knows the Waiver process & he raised a Ticket into Elementum & got the solution.

TS Suppliers acknowledged the Ticket and Do the needful for Sandy

Scene 5 (1m 17s)

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