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Scene 1 (0s)

First full length German Play by BA students (German as a Special Subject).

Scene 3 (17s)

Performing on Vijay Tendulkar’s Literature In Germany.

Scene 5 (32s)

Specially curated Advanced German Language Course in Duisburg, Germany for Students in India.

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Scene 7 (47s)

Exploring Post World War German literature through the means of performing Arts.

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Scene 9 (1m 2s)

A Foru m for German language enthusiasts.

Scene 10 (1m 7s)

aune. II WESTSIDEPLUS THE TIMES OF uuki Lau ROAD German play based on • Amchyavar kon prem , a Marathi short- story. was staged in the city re- cently under the auspiu>s of Fo• rum Deutsch. a platform launched for German language anc ionados and linguists in Pune •nte motto of tlw forum- brain• child of Dilip Rajguru, a retir«t professor who has teaching German— is to promote study of German language and under standing its literary facets through exchange of ideas. As part of its ef. forts, it nx:ently a German play on 'Amchyavar kon prem karnar?, first short story written by (Qlebrated playwright Vijay Tendulkar Rajguru has done the translation. The story dates back to 19-47. It revolves around a revolutionary woman who dares question a man who has spurned her mar. riage projx»sal. It is the story of her of defeat. quest, deter mination and womanh0CHt and vanity the man. The storyline has several im• plications even today Dhanesh Joshi, director and actor. says, The play explores the theme of marr iages and other is, sues Time has changed but the problems persist 'I'txlay's youth is educated and omn-tunities ga• ION. It's a privilege and we must realise it. We should get to the root of the problems. Then only there is some hope.- The play gives of male dominance in the Exist-Indel»n- dence era and s«io-culturul con. fusion of a newly indev»ndent youth. It examines the marriage instituti(m. particularly arranged marriages. Other aslh'cts like se- curity. and education are also discussed The play aruswers whether we are able to live with- Thought-provoking A German play based on 'Amchyavar kon prem karnar?l, a Marathi short-story, was staged in the city. It highlighted various issues in the post-independence era out frameworks and what is our real identity Dhanesh Joshi. Renuka Joshi. Shwetambari Sonawane. Anand Samak, Saurabh Diwekar. Palak Bhatt and Vrushali Chitale in• jected energy on stage. Michael Flucht. Max Mueller Bhavan was the chief guest for the event. Forum [huts-ch prcRluced this play in collatx»ration with Fer- gusson College and it was staged at the college's amphitheatre..

Scene 11 (1m 17s)

Many achievements One inspiration.

Scene 12 (1m 22s)

A Stalwart who explored East and West Germany as a teacher.

Scene 13 (1m 27s)

. abstract. .33.

Scene 14 (1m 37s)

aaa. Prof. Dilip Rajguru.

Scene 15 (1m 47s)

Edunova is proud to publish A book in German by Prof. Dilip Rajguru.

Scene 16 (1m 52s)

Aus dem Leben eines mdischen Taugenichts Eine biographische Erzählung von Dilip Rajguru.

Scene 17 (2m 2s)

Edunova’s Directors welcome you all!. V)TIOVB to.