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Malaysia Sukuk Market In A Glance | BIX

Sukuk: Pengertian, Tujuan, Jenis, Kelebihan dan Manfaatnya - Obligasi


An Invention Roslina Mohamad Shafi Tan Yan Ling

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Problem Statement & Motivation of the Study

Research on contribution of capital market sub-components on the economic growth is still relatively small. The effect of sukuk; despite the issuance of other capital market instruments, on the economic growth is unspecified. Motivation Insuf fi cient empirical evidence on the suk u k -economic growth nexus Malaysia as a point of reference & has had remarkable growth in the suk u k market Advantage of ARDL estimation , which allows for studying the short-run and long-run relationships among a set of variables.

What is a Capital Market? Definition, Examples, Features, Types, Instruments, Functions, Comparison with Money Market - Learner's Destination

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Hence, we are proposing a conceptional idea of “Sukuk-Gr Nexus” (SGN)

A quick way to forecast the economic growth

Replicating Eviews' blog entry on ARDL-based cointegration tests using Gretl - Artur Tarassow

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Aims of the SGN

Analyzing the sub-components of capital market instruments. Forecasting effect of sukuk and other capital market sub-components on the economic growth in the short-run & long-run.

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Benefits and Commercialization

Quick way to know the effect of capital market instruments on the economic growth As a yardstick to measure the nexus of sukuk and other capital market instruments Can be used by policy markers and corporate finance managers to strategize new issuance especially for sukuk issuance.

Growth Strategies to Expand oiC.apital Market


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A software to forecasting the economic growth based on sukuk issuance and various sub-components of capital market.

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Identify the sub-components Enter the data in SGN SGN will forecast the data Output 1: Long-run & short-run estimates Output 2: Bounds test for cointegration Output 3: Summary statistics Summary Results

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Academic Recognition

Published in ISRA International Journal of Islamic Finance . Vol.13 No.1, 2021, pp. 102-117 Indexed by SCOPUS, ESCI WOS, ABDC

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Capital market and economic growth in Malaysia: the role of sukük and other sub-components Van •Ling Tan and Roslina Mohanud Shafi MARA

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Academic Recognition

Best Paper Award This certificate iS to ROSUNA MOHAMAD SHAF' TAN YAN LING for the entitled SELECTED REVIEW ON rHE SUB-COMPONENTS OF MARKET ECONOWC GROWTH ( Tra„ck: Finance) INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM & EXHIBITION ON BUSINESS AND ACCOUNTING 2018 ('SEBA 2018) •n Era Of Digna' Universiti Tenaga Nasional Sultan Ahmad Shah Campus, Pahang, Malaysia August 2018 2018

(lobal and An II). NO, (2018, Selected Review on the Sub-Components of Financial Market and Economic Growth Rosina Hj, Mohamad Shafi i [hpanmenl ofFiname, Faculty ofBusiness and Managemnf, UITM nor Emil: Tan Yan Ling Department Faculty of Business and Management, Johor • Correspomling Abstract Purpjse: The puqwse of this study is to critically review the role of the finuxial market in ecomynic growth. The current st1Kly attempts to synthesize studies related to and Islamic and banking. Despite thc capital is reguded as a significant factor for sustainable growth, the impressive development of the Islamic banking and firunce market over the years still raise dihlbts about the efficacy of capital markd this stinullating eonomic groutli. lie ctyttribution of the Islamic ülking aml finne in economic growdl mains unclear.

Published in Global Business and Management Research: An International Journal . Vol.10, No.3 (2018, Special Issue) Indexed by ERA.

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