Study Guide 9: Designing an Instructional Material

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Study Guide 9: Designing an Instructional Material

Krizzia Jana P. Molina BPEd

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Integrating Social Literacy in Physical Education

What is Social Literacy? Social Literacy is a students successful performance and understanding of social Skills, organizational skills, and communication skills. It is the students ability to connect effectively with those around them. Social literacy spans across interacting with peers, family, coworkers, teachers, and even people we may not have met face to face.

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What is Physical Education? Physical Education in simple words is understood as learning with the help of movements of body and realising the benefits at mental level. It simply means education through the use of physique and physical movements and deriving the advantage for social gain.

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How does Exercise help with Social Skills?

Physical fitness and exercise help youth develop important skills such as conflict resolution, cooperation with peers and social skills such as leadership and fine tuning motor skills. Healthy behaviors are a positive side effect of exercise while also increasing social skills necessary for development.

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Team Sports

Participation in group sports or activities is one-way youth might get involved in physical activity. Team sports provide opportunities to improve self-esteem, promote healthy nutrition and encourage lifestyle choices that do not include drugs or alcohol. Not only are the benefits great as children, as young people grow into teens and adults, but lessons learned through team sports such as tennis, football, soccer, and other similar activities can also have positive physical benefits for the brain and body.

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Social Skills

Youth who take responsibility for healthy daily choices demonstrate a positive impact such as an active lifestyle throughout life and increased social responsibility. Three excellent skills which increase with physical activity and involvement in activities include the following: Communication Belonging to a Group Standing up for self and for others