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See you again, SOL!

Scene 2 (8s)

So many memories with you, Sol. But topping the list would definitely be our London trip: Walking miles and miles with CK because i cannot understand google maps. Walking miles and miles again just to find Chinese food. Doing forecasts at the bed; sneaking some Nutella and Honey from the breakfast table, buying chocolates for pasalubongl Going all the way to Windsor Castle and Stonehenge just because. All these, I will forever treasure. PS - Sorry had to add. Davao trip, nung pinipilit mo pagkasyahin yung sleeves ng dress. Di pa tayo masyado close so I was trying to be nice “kasya yan, hilahin natin….” but in my mind… “OMG ang sikip, wala syang ibang damit?” Love you <3 - Melo



Scene 3 (42s)

One word: JLou Remember this photo? Before we ate the “buffet” meal during the flight hehehehe Also, remember that coffee shop in Podium (%) hahahaha umamin ka na percentage din basa mo :) Obviously, fondest memories with you are about food hahaha. Will definitely miss you, Tita Jackie/Mommy Coney. Take care and God bless… mwah - RubyRT



Scene 4 (1m 1s)


One Word: Maternal

We’ve been working together for almost 5 years and it feels like 50 years na (parang Rockport lang, haha). We have our ups and downs (haha) but one thing is for sure - you’re strong yet warm-hearted, independent and easy to get along with. We clicked the first time we worked together as partners and there are lots of good (and not so good) memories that I am grateful for and will cherish forever. Now that you’re taking on another adventure, I wish you well - success and happiness and I also want to remind you that Primer has been your home for a while in your life and you’ll always have a family in us.

Our favorite Wanton chips

Before you go, let me remind you of the FUN times:


Your pedestal turned Sari-sari Store

You hate Donald Duck


Paseo Days (eating on the floor)


Your favorite popping videos (haha)

3S3H1 40 nol Hm

Paul’s emergency meeting with you, me & Melo just to show this!!!

You love Spiders (remember Irene’s Spider!)

Lastly, the Quezon Avenue route! haha

Scene 5 (1m 49s)


a yoy

ONE WORD: BIRTHDAYMATE Memorable moment/s: When we got lost in Hong Kong! Push para ma-tour si Julie haha! Also yung waiting tayo for dinner, so nagcocktails muna tayo. Di naubos drink pero lasing ka nung kausap mo principal!! Hahahaha panalo ka! Nabawasan ang April 12 ladies ng Primer! Sol! I’m happy to have worked with you! Grateful also for the things I’ve learned when we were teammates, shempre in life rin! #titahacks I wish you all the best and I pray that you find your happiness! ;) I’ll miss you! Take care always! God bless!

Scene 6 (2m 16s)


Hello, Soledad! You’re the one that got away. WAHHAHHAHAHHHAHAHA Kidding aside, we have too many moments I can’t really say here. We haven't really worked together (as in together as one) pero nag ccr-cross yung mga ginagawa natin (gets mo ba?). When I was in PIML, hindi kita naabutan as RBM, nung nasa FF PH ako, ibang brand ka na. Ewan ko ba, basta alam ko na gusto mo kong kasama WHAHAHA! Ano ba ito, parang testi sa friendster. Anyway, we’ll meet someday and bibilhan mo pa ko ng Aling Kika’s sa inyo at i-to-tour mo pa kami sa province. Always remember na you can talk to me (even in british accent) anytime, anywhere.. <3 therealalyssabeltran


Scene 7 (2m 50s)


Most memorable work moment with Sol is when she modelled for Summer 2020 for RTR.


Scene 8 (3m 0s)


One Word: Dilag We’ve been lunch buddies “The Pasyow Group” for some time, and those moments are much and really memorable to me. Sa pagikot natin sa ibat ibang “resto” sa Leon Guinto at Taft Area, hanggang sa pagkanta ng Videoke, ang masasabi ko lang “Äng ganda mo teh! Kamukha mo si Tita Jackie pero mas mukha kang dalaga! Mas dalasan mo ang pag model, at konting pagkanta lang.. joke! Sol, for the past years, we haven’t had a chance to catch up. Though, still grateful for the years that we were able to gained memories & friendship. Saddened with the result of pandemic to us but let me assure you that I will always be here as a friend. LDR man tayo, looking forward to seeing each other again soon. Love you Friend!

Scene 9 (3m 36s)


Most memorable work moment with Sol is during monthly business meetings with the management, sales rally, PIML conferences

One Word: BESH

Scene 10 (3m 47s)

SOL, You know what’s weird! We don’t have any photos together! Hahaha though our lives are seemingly intertwined! We keep meeting each other at some point in our lives it’s almost like we are fated to be friends. I’m going to miss you. Thanks for all the times you let me bond with you without any warning, or baka kahit ayaw mo! Hahaha! Thanks for helping me regulate all my anxiety and for knocking some sense into me when I need it. Really, just thanks for being a friend - and for always being the same person still no matter the time or circumstance . I’ll see you when I see you! Take care!



Scene 11 (4m 16s)


Most memorable work moment with Sol is when I tagged her as Jackie Lou Blanco during our PIML days

One Word: OFW

Scene 12 (4m 27s)


Most memorable work moment with Sol is during PIML conference.


Scene 13 (4m 36s)

One Word: Artistahin! (Di na kailangan i-explain hehe) Hello, Sol! You know that working out (Bootcamp) had been our bonding. We were struggling and almost out of breath but we kept moving with our exercises until we finished the task na hingal na hingal na hehe but, it was fun. Until I started working at Ecomm and working with Footwear team. I'll surely miss you, Jackie Lou Blanco! Cheers to new chapter of your career! Love, Dyan


Scene 14 (4m 59s)


Hi Sol, I was looking for a photo to post where we are together, but I think this photo is better since it shows how small our world is. Good luck on your new journey and if ever you see Maries, please tell her hi and that I miss her. Take care and God bless you always!

Scene 15 (5m 17s)


Our time together may just be mostly within the four corners of the brands that we have handled together, but I will always remember and appreciate our shared enthusiasm for food and caffeine. Litson Baka? Coffee? Milk tea? Yes. Yes. Yes. :) Sayang, hindi na tayo maka-twister fries sa office. Please know I only wish you all the things that's good for you! See you around!!

Phoe e M... arah an Maria So Villeg You

Scene 16 (5m 38s)


One word: CRUSH Our first ever picture together, first meet palang nag click na tayo,tawanan kulitan.Yung tipong papagalitan tayo kasi ang ingay natin :) ikaw lang ang nasasabihan ko ng personal problems ko, work, life alam mo yan…. Sad lang since iiwan mo na kami sa office, well i wish you all the best in life…sobrang mamiss kita besh, ikaw ang DONALD DUCK ng buhay ko kasi lagi mo ako pinapasaya lalo ng kapag malungkot ako. Isang tawag lang anytime ready ka makinig sa akin. I love you besh..sobrang sad talaga and napaiyak mo ako sa lastday Mo, pero happy for you!!! Ingat palagi!! And sana makita mo na si MR. right hahahaha! Thank you sa lahat besh!!!

Scene 17 (6m 11s)


From my first day in the office, we hit it off like we’ve known each other forever. It was like you were my Ninang I see regularly...hahaha! And even if we’ve only worked together for a short time, we went through so much. From sweaty photoshoots and sales launch, learning vlookup, live selling, and many more, you’ve always been there not only to me but to everyone around you. I’ll really miss you (Tita) Sol and I wish you nothing but the best!

Scene 18 (6m 36s)

One word: Approachable Most memorable work moment/s: Showtime, Nung nagmodel siya for RTR Photoshoot and lunch time chikahan sessions I’ll miss you Sol!! Keep in touch and message me lang in Viber pag may chika ka hahahaha (sad wala tayo photo na tayong 2 lang) ?, Carla



Scene 19 (6m 54s)


nn Jackie Lou Blanco Sol Aquino

One word: Cheerful A person with a positive outlook and she always greet with a smile. One of my memorable experience with her is when we both won the artist look a like contest during KIDC christmas party. Diba hati tayo sa prize. Hehehe. Always take care and goodluck to your new endeavor. Godbless

Scene 20 (7m 12s)



Thanks for the friendship I’m always your P.A to your mowdel ung career. Hehehe I remembered the 1st time we met I thought your suplada and ma arte hhaha but Hindi pala your so kalog and very approachable. We miss you so much Sol.

Scene 21 (7m 29s)

One word to describe Sol: COOL


Most memorable work moment with you - every time na sabay kami ng coffee break, sinasamahan ko siya sa likod kasi ako look out niya, kasi baka mahuli siya ng tanod

Scene 22 (7m 43s)



Memorable moments: FF Events

One Word: Work Driven/ Hardworing

Scene 23 (7m 52s)



I didn’t have any chance to work closely with her tho fun. She’s fun to be with. :)


Scene 24 (8m 3s)

One word: maalaga And then there were two :( Hi Ms. Sol!! Thank you for being so patient and kind! You have this reassuring and easygoing manner that really helped me, especially in my first few weeks as a total newbie in this big, scary world of adulting. I enjoyed working with you and will always treasure our moments together in the FF team <3 I'll miss seeing you around but wish you all the best in your new role. Good luck and God bless <3 PS: Will still take you up on your offer for Tretorn Zoom calls. Be ready.


Scene 25 (8m 31s)

One Word: Pleasant Memorable moment with you is when we we first started working circa 2016. Ikaw una ko RBM for Future and Tretorn. First encounter natin sa elevator after lunch, pinakilala ako ni Aimee as kapalit niya and akala mo una sa email babae ako. Sa two brands na yan yung isa promising, yung isa hopeless. HAHAHA. Naalala ko lagi mo kami kinukulit sa Future. Tagal din pala natin nagka-work from PIML to FitFlop-ResToeRun to Ecomm-Rockport/Sledger s . Aside dito, memorable lunch time natin everyday, Samgyup, and videoke. Bilang lagi tayong magka-duet dahil tugma yung mga boses natin. Sayang hindi tayo pinakanta sa Showtime dati. Wala pala tayong picture na tayong dalawa lang. Aside from the fun moments, will miss yung pagiging mother mo pag yung usapan nagiging seryoso. Will definitely miss you, sayang wala tayo sa office. Goodluck on your endeavor. Chat chat na lang tayo sa Viber and Instagram. Keep in touch. ?- Justine/Fabio


Scene 26 (9m 15s)


Memorable moment with Sol: Samgyup night ay Yoshimeatsu na may secret happening outside! :)


Scene 27 (9m 25s)


Most memorable work moments: YB moments!!! :)

One Word: GORGEOUS!!!

Scene 28 (9m 34s)


@kat @solaquino

I have so many memories with Sol. But one thing is for sure every day with Sol is a memory I will treasure. I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH. You’ll always be my confidant and sunshine forever. I LOVE YOU.

One Word: SISTER

Scene 29 (9m 49s)


Rockport 50th Year anniversary - our first and last project together. had a great time working with her and nadagdagan nanaman isa sa mga pretty tita friends ko.

One Word: PRETTY

Scene 30 (10m 2s)


Hi Sol! Last day mo na pala :( Kahit di tayo nagka work directly, will still miss having you around! Goodluck on your next adventure! ❤️

Scene 31 (10m 13s)


ONE WORD: FUN Best memory with you - all of our out of town trips!

Scene 32 (10m 23s)


ONE WORD: M other-in-law Most memorable work experience: Alam ko mas memorable to for you hahahahaha tuwing nageegress tayo ng Fantasy Sandals ?? labyu hahahahaaha

Scene 33 (10m 35s)



Most memorable work moments: Conference sa Marriot, magkaroom kami she was so drunk napauwi ako sa bahay ng wala sa oras HAHAHAHAHA :)

One Word: INAY - I call her inay and she calls me shobe.

Scene 34 (10m 49s)

A gs happy doing group work We spend countless hours-in our favorite hangouts; talking like the e's no tomo row." Taking challenöéétha-t are new to both of us. #Rockport wholesalers around PH and our buying challenges ng Fitflop in HK nd Singapore.



Scene 35 (11m 4s)

One Word: PRETTY Memorable work moments: Iwas-gulo kami (alam nya yun!) haha


Scene 36 (11m 13s)


Pagka may hahabulin na wholesale at style na dapat i-launch sa FF. Makulet…. hahaha!


Scene 37 (11m 23s)


kahii sino sayo iitim sobrang itim ko na dito HAHAHAHA

Memorable time with Sol was opening ng sangkatutak na Dept stores. Yamot na yamot na kami pero ganda kasi kami kaya naitawid namin. Ay wow! HAHAHAHA


Scene 38 (11m 38s)

One word: GENUINE - momshi ng taon! (one word nga daw eh. haha) Most memorable moment but not work related is nung naglaro tayo ng Jack en Poy nung 2018 xmas party natin! HAHAHA sobrang intense game para sa 2k. LOL! You were my 2nd momshi sa FF team, si ate Mar ung 1st. HAHAHA! I will surely treasure all our memories, lalo na mga foodtrip and eat out natin. Busog lusog tayo nun eh. HAHA Thank you for everything! Good luck and see you around! Will Miss you momsh! <3 Love lots, Maan <3

Panahong bumaliktad ang mundo at naging anino kita. Ang puti ko dba! HAHA


Scene 39 (12m 7s)


Most memorable moment but not work related. Sinagi nya sasakyan ko sa parking in front of the office.


Scene 40 (12m 18s)


Most memorable moment with Sol is during the FitFlop conference - first conference ko kasi yun kasama din sya haha.


Scene 41 (12m 29s)


Most memorable work moment with Sol is our spider hunting in the Park.

One Word: SOL!!!

Scene 42 (12m 39s)

.SOL BECKS. i will miss you Sol, Ikaw na pinakamagandang becks that I know. Feeling ko ang ganda ko with you and Mel as my RBMs. Not a dull moment with you around. Damang dama ko ang 90s with you. i will always remember you when i see donald duck. Soar high my dear. keep in touch, Clytie

Scene 43 (12m 55s)

I never worked with her - but I’ve always found her to be a beautiful person inside (that speaks volumes) :)



Scene 44 (13m 6s)


One Wotd : Momshie I'm teatt9 happy fot out new endeavor. I witl definitet9 miss you temembet out baquio trip yunq sa frame sa CR na ako fanq nakakokita and out mqa [APAIICA sa Ptimtt. Sana mautit kahit wata ka na sa Ptimet. Pi fanq toyo maq ka birthda9 at 99m body tinutinq din kita patanq biq sista €Wishin ou all the success fot yout upcominq futute Cood tuck and keep safe. love, Ate Mat PIC•COLLAGE

Scene 45 (13m 26s)

Sweet tooth - matakaw sa cake yan hahaha. Pag meron event lagi pareho kami nag aabang ng dessert.




Scene 46 (13m 38s)



O Kelvin Sng Active Kelvin Sng 11:12 AM She is nice and positive. I wish her all the best, good luck and great success in her future endeavor.

Ken Co Active Ken Co Imin If you need one word to describe her, i cant think of any so #GoodVibes na lang para mukhang one word only. hehe.. she's always in good spirits kasi. all-smiles. even on social media eh panay optimistic posts. happy thoughts lang to help lift up the mood. Ken Co Now SOLong, Sol! Wish you Sol the best! See you around! - Ken


Scene 47 (14m 3s)




Bernardine Phung last seen today at 12:38 PM 1) Always Cheerful 2) Haha,... PKSB did not manage to place any orders for her brands when she was with PIML 11:11 AM It was always the joke that I had with her wheneve we met up I'll miss her 11:14 AM 11:13 AM

Wendy Ho Last seen today at 11:27 AM Whenever I at ph , jp , Lianne and Marian same batch and buddies 10:39 AM So if they hv problems w Brand's They will grp chat to asked for adv 10:40 AM She last to resign ! So so sad 10:41 AM

Yvonne Tee Last seen today at 10:45 AM Cheerful and positive attitude 10:37 AM Wishing her all the best in her next endeavors 10:38 AM

Scene 48 (14m 35s)

We’ll surely miss you Sol! We wish you all the best! Good luck!

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