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All are Welcome. Dr A Tamilarasu Professor of Accounting Department of Cooperatives College of Business and Economics Ambo University Ethiopia.

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International Webinar on Issues and Challenges of Supply Chain Management and its Impact on Economic Growth.

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Sway of supply Chain Management on Provocative Environments of the Country Contemporary Milieu.

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Supply Chain management. A supply chain management is a system consists of People, Material, Transformation activities , Organizations, Information in fulfilling the demand for a product or service by a customer.

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Scene 8 (1m 19s)

India standing at the 6 th place in south Asia. •Sham n 932 • Sham in total npott 76 30.57 China 30.5 India 27.1 Taiwan 24.24 Malaysia 33.98 tbailand 23.94 Indonesia.

Scene 9 (1m 30s)

The stands of America. r•narket will be ACCELERATING at a CARG of almost The market is CONCENTRATED with a few players occupying the market share Source: Technavio 2019 INCREMENTAL GROWTH $9.56bn of the growth will come from NORTH AMERICA 35% The year-over-year growth rate for 2020 is estimated at 11.10% One of the KEY DRIVERS for this market will be the EMERGENCE OF SUPPLY CHAIN VISIBILITY AND EVENT MANAGEMENT (SCVEM) SOFTWARE.

Scene 10 (1m 45s)

The Biggest Challenges of Supply Chain Management.

Scene 11 (1m 52s)

SEBASTIAN is a co-founder at KAPUA , an enterprise SaaS provider, where he helps companies to improve their forecasting accuracy and speed . “We’re working with customers that complain about too much working capital (driven by over-stock scenarios )”.

Scene 12 (2m 10s)

Calloway Cook is the Founder of Illuminate Labs , “In my opinion, the biggest challenge in supply chain management is…” Overcoming downstream effects from delays caused by one Partner/Supplier..

Scene 13 (2m 28s)

John Moss is the CEO of English Blinds , the manufacturers of bespoke window blinds and shades. “For our company, the biggest and most problematic supply chain issue we’ve faced is Mitigating and accounting for unforeseen delays somewhere along the chain..

Scene 14 (2m 47s)

Emily Murphy Digital Media and has experience in writing, publication and teaching. “ Currently, the biggest challenge for supply chain managers is Keeping up with consumers and their buying behaviors. ”.

Scene 15 (3m 4s)

Michael Gravier “The problem that small and medium-sized firms confront is that supply chain technology is expensive …”.

Scene 16 (3m 17s)

Rishit Shah is a finance and costing professional who teaches financial topics at TallySchool . “The single biggest challenge of supply chain management is delivery and logistics…” When the products are ready to be sent out from the manufacturing facility, the company has to decide where to send the goods.

Scene 17 (3m 37s)

Jessica Thiele is the Director of Marketing at VL OMNI , “The biggest single challenge of supply chain management — aside from configuring an effective supply chain of supportive and like-minded businesses — has been…” Digitizing and Automating key Processes..

Scene 18 (3m 56s)

Charlie Wilgus is the General Manager of the Manufacturing & Supply Chain Executive Search Division at Lucas , North America’s premier executive search firm. “ Optimization and efficiency are at the core of every company’s supply chain strategy these days…”.

Scene 19 (4m 14s)

Debbie Lentz is the President of Global Supply Chain at RS Components . “In today’s business and economic landscape, supply chain management has more opportunity and advantage than ever before — but that’s not to say it doesn’t come with out challenges …”.

Scene 20 (4m 32s)

Tom Kieley “Status is the biggest problem plaguing supply chain management today …” Many companies still accept manual processes, waste and costly mistakes as a way of life..

Scene 21 (4m 49s)

Juli Lassow “In 2019, the greatest challenge that faces supply chain management is the need for flexibility in creating solutions …” The sudden emergence of trade disputes underscores this need..

Scene 22 (5m 5s)

Eunji Lim Ph.D. “ The biggest challenge of supply chain management today is How to utilize enormous data collected throughout a supply chain in order to improve the overall performance of the supply chain ”.

Scene 23 (5m 22s)

Laura Gonzalez is the Logistics Manager “One of the biggest challenges we have is balancing logistics and our budget …”.

Scene 24 (5m 36s)

Lance Roberts has been in the supply chain and logistics industry of 26 years and has worked across numerous roles and responsibilities . “The top challenges of supply chain management are…” Freight capacity Talent acquisition and retention Service through segmentation Scalable technology innovation.

Scene 25 (5m 53s)

Yolande Freed Dunbavin “The single biggest challenge of supply chain management is Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP )”.

Scene 26 (6m 6s)

Amber Fullerton As Chief Customer Officer for twelve years at One World Direct , “The biggest challenge to supply chain management is finding the right partner to compliment your skill set …”.

Scene 27 (6m 23s)

Jennifer Ulrich “For many organizations, supply management efforts are still hampered by procurement’s lack of influence…”.

Scene 28 (6m 36s)

Gartner surveyed more than 500 supply chain professionals to better understand supply chain technology focus, initiatives, value and challenges. 38% of organizations are improving supply chain technology to support end-to-end processes Half of supply chain organizations will have invested in artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics by the year 2024. Technology trends will accelerate supply chain digital transformation over the next several years Step process to ensure strong ROI on supply chain digitalization..

Scene 29 (6m 58s)

Growth of SCM in Future. US. supply chain analyte; market 5iac, by solutin, 2014 • 2025 (USO Million) II mu am m," 825.

Scene 30 (7m 9s)

Career opportunity in SCM. Purchasing Managers Logistic Managers Transportation Managers Logistic Analytics ..

Scene 31 (7m 17s)

Scale of pay for the SCM in India. Entry-Level — Rs 3,40,334 annually Early-Career — 4 years - Rs 3,40,334 annually. Mid-Career — 9 years - Rs 8,21,516 annually. Experienced — 10 years- Rs 14,87,178 annually Late-Career — 20 years- Rs 15,03,217 annually.

Scene 32 (7m 34s)

Growth Projection of SCM World Wide. WORLD ECONOMIC OUTLOOK APRIL 2021 GROWTH PROJECTIONS GLOBAL ECONOMY 6.0 -3.3 2021 ADVANCED ECONOMIES EMERGING MARKETS & DEVELOPING ECONOMIES 4.4 2022 5.1 -4.7 2021 3.6 2022 6.7 -2.2 2021 5.0 2022.

Scene 33 (7m 47s)

Growth Projection of SCM. .

Scene 34 (8m 1s)

Contribution of GDP for Economic Development. Jan 2020 Jan 2021 20 15 10 .5 .10 Jan 2022.

Scene 35 (8m 10s)

Thank You very Much.