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Scene 1 (0s)




Its been a year since you decided to impart your acquired knowledge of YOG to us and carry the TORCH OF LIGHT ON YOGA HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SOUMYA

Scene 2 (18s)

It’s a Journey that you are taking us through


Scene 3 (26s)


With Humility & Kindness Empathy & Forgiveness Yama & Niyama Self awareness & Integrity Resilience & Adroitness

Scene 4 (40s)


You bend us like Beckham You have given us a spine You have flexed our bones Toned up our sinews Put the breath in our lungs

Scene 5 (1m 2s)


Your Eagle Eye Does not miss a thing Spots a prey from miles away Zooms on the prey Corrects the flaws Puts the wind back in the sails

Scene 6 (1m 21s)

You have given us wings to fly Fire to burn Wind to glide Water to quelch our thirst Yog for LIFE

Scene 7 (1m 37s)

Thank you Soumya for brining Yog to our lives and to our homes May the wheels of your life never rust