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INDEX. February revolution in P etrograd Effects : After F ebruary revolution October revolution Effects : After October revolution.

Scene 3 (29s)

FEBRUARY REVOLUTION IN PETROGRAD. In the winter of 1917 , Petrograd was grim . There was food shortage in the worker quarters . 22 February : a lockout took place at a factory . Workers of 50 other factories joined in sympathy and led a strike . Women also led and participated in strikes . This came to be known as International Woman Day . The government imposed a curfew as the quarters of the fashionable area and official buildings were surrounded by workers ..

Scene 4 (1m 15s)

On 24th and 25th , the government called out the cavalry and police to keep an eye on them . On 25th February , the government suspended the duma and politicians spoke against the measure . The people were out with the force once again . On 27th , the police headquarters were ransacked ..

Scene 5 (1m 44s)

Cavalry was called out again however it refused to fire on demonstrators . An officer was shot at the barracks of the regiment and other regiments mutinied , voting to join the striking workers gathered to form a soviet or council . This was known as the Petrograd Soviet. On 2nd March 1917 : Tsar abdicated on the advice of the military commanders. A Provincial government was formed by the soviet and the duma leaders.

Scene 6 (2m 28s)

EFFECTS. Restrictions on public meetings and associations were removed. Soviets were set up everywhere . In individual areas factory committees were formed which began questioning the way industrialists ran their factories . Soldiers committees were formed in the army . The provisional government saw its power declining and Bolshevik influence grow . It decided to take stern measures against the spreading discontent . It resisted attempts by workers to run factories and arrested leaders . Peasants and the socialist revolutionary leaders pressed for a redistribution of land . Land committees were formed and peasants seized land between July and September 1917 ..

Scene 7 (3m 34s)

To what extent are the Russian and French revolutions similar? - Quora.

Scene 8 (3m 44s)

16th October 1917 – LENIN persuaded the Petrograd Soviet and Bolshevik party to agree to a socialist seizure of power . A Military Revolutionary Committee was appointed by the soviet to organize seizure . Uprising began on 24th October . Prime Minister Kerenskii left the city to summon troops . Military men loyal to the government seized the buildings of two Bolshevik newspapers . Pro-government troops were sent to take over telephone and telegraph offices and protect the Winter Palace..

Scene 9 (4m 27s)

In response Military Revolutionary Committee ordered to seize government offices and arrest ministers . The Aurora ship shelled the Winter palace . Other ships took over strategic points . By night the city had been taken over and ministers had surrendered . All Russian Congress of Soviet in Petrograd approved the Bolshevik action . Heavy fighting in Moscow - by December , the Bolsheviks controlled the Moscow – Petrograd area . The people involved were Lenin , the Bolsheviks , troops ..

Scene 10 (5m 11s)

EFFECTS. Most industries and banks were nationalised in November 1917 . Land was declared social property and peasants were allowed to seize the land of nobility . Use of old aristocratic titles was banned . New uniforms were designed for the army and officials . Russia became a one party state . Trade unions were kept under party control . Industrial production increased . Collectivisation of farms started . An extended schooling system developed ..

Scene 11 (5m 56s)

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