Richard Thomas ("Dickie") Joslin

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Richard Thomas (“Dickie”) Joslin. A Royal Servant.

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Richard Thomas (“Dickie”) Joslin was born in December 1904 in Boreham, Essex, to Frederick William Joslin and Emily (“Kate”) Joslin nee Burder. He appears in the 1911 Census when aged 6, one of 9 living of 11 children of the family..

Scene 3 (13s)

ENGLAND AND 1911. SCHEDULE. WALES, pursuant to the Cenaua (Great Drüain) -P Thig space to up by the Enumentor. of Registration District — Of Kepstratlop Sub-Digtriet or Enumeration District Name Of Head of Family or. Postal NOTICE. Schedule must filled up awd. signed by, or on behalf of, the Head oi the Family or other person in (M2cupation, or in charge, of the dwelling (house, tenement or apartment). If a hanco I.e let nr sub-let to two or more occnpiers.

Scene 4 (18s)

CENSUS OF ENGLAND AND WALES, 191'. tie Of b. Ng&d Tie Or occun•noN ceg,y, NATION (2) midnight. (2) arrived in this , A 3rd. No must R— i. "i. tlAt thi S&iul• filled up to the of my know)..

Scene 5 (23s)

S CRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. ike. 1921 Census when aged 17.

Scene 6 (28s)

In the same census of 1911, appears another family with a similar surname, living nearby to Providence Cottages..

Scene 7 (46s)

CENSUS ENGLAND AND WALES, 1911. SCHEDULE. 10 Thig to up by the Enumerator. Number Registration Number , of negistration Name of Head 01 Fumily or Occupier. NOTICE. This Schedule must be filled up and signed by, or on béhhlf of, the Head of the Family or other Ik'rson in oecup.tion, or in charge, of the dwelling (house. tenement or apartment)..

Scene 8 (51s)

CENSUS . OF ENGLAND AND WALES, 1911. and of be .is•bt No.

Scene 9 (56s)

Here we have that Thomas Joslin, with his wife Ann..

Scene 10 (1m 1s)

Back to Richard …………………………………..

Scene 11 (1m 6s)

Richard was baptised in February 1905. The baptism record shows his surname spelled as Josling - one of the many spelling variations of the surname I have found in my research..

Scene 12 (1m 11s)

these include Joslin, Josling, Joscelyn, Joscelyne, Josselin etc etc..

Scene 13 (1m 16s) My Drive- Go$e... Genea Family... Home O Joslin web Site - Essex Society for Fa... Log In - Forces War... Trace your Fam This site is the home of The Josselin Society The Society was founded in England in February 1991 and currently has a worldwide membership of around 80, mostly in East Anglia, England, but also in other parts of the I-JK, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, Brazil, China and Germany. THE SOCIETY'S AIMS To connect people whose name, or relatives, have a surname such as Joslin, Joslen, Josling, Joscelyn, Joscelyne, Josselyn, Joslyn or similar and to promote the study and research into the origins and history of these names ACTIVITIES Normally, two meetings are arranged each year, usually in Essex, England, in June and September/October A Journal is published, usually twice a year, containing articles of research and interest contributed by members. Normally 20 pages A4 size with colour photos, distributed either by e-mail attachment or post..

Scene 14 (1m 21s)

Richard married Florence Bent in April 1925. At that time he was serving in the Royal Horse Artillery, where, I presume, he acquired the horsemanship, which would stand him in good stead in later years..

Scene 15 (1m 26s)

Army Book 358. NAMES .90 33.

Scene 16 (1m 31s)

Here, we have Richard and Florence (pre-October 1925) listed as residing at the Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace..

Scene 17 (1m 36s)

The Royal Mews provides road transport for The King and members of the Royal Family by both horse-drawn carriage and motor car. It is also one of the finest working stables still in existence, responsible for the training of the Windsor Greys and Cleveland Bays, the horses that pull the royal carriages. It's responsible for looking after the state carriages, coaches and cars used by The King and members of the Royal Family during state occasions, including coronations, the State Opening of Parliament and visits by heads of state..

Scene 18 (1m 41s)

JUST British - The Royal Mews is a mews (i.e. combined... | Facebook.

Scene 19 (1m 46s)

Photo0048. I am uncertain of the date, but this is a staff photograph taken at the time of the visit of the then French President to The Royal Mews..

Scene 20 (1m 51s)

007. Everyone was presented with the Medal of Honour, Bronze Class ….

Scene 21 (1m 56s)

006. ……………. although it doesn’t seem to have made it into this medal cluster!.

Scene 22 (2m 1s)

Here we have Richard, pre-Royal Service, in the Royal Horse Artillery.

Scene 23 (2m 6s)

003. 002.

Scene 24 (2m 11s)

O Transcript of Richard Thomas's record First name(s) Last name Age Birth year Birth place Service number Regiment Year Richard Thomas Joslin 18 1903 Chelmsford 1053450 The Royal Regiment Of Artillery 1921 Country View the original source Original source Record set Category Su bcategory Collections from Copy to clipboard Great Britain View the record's source Royal Artillery Attestations 1883-1942 World War 2 Allies Collection Military, armed forces & conflict Second World War Americas, Australasia, Great Britain, Ireland, UK None.

Scene 25 (2m 16s)

And here he is in his finery, during his Royal Service..

Scene 26 (2m 21s)

Richard was one of the liveried coachmen during the coronation of George VI in 1937.

Scene 28 (2m 31s)

And so was my maternal grandfather, Charles Chandler..

Scene 29 (2m 36s)

Gdad Chandler Left on coronation day. This is Charles Chandler, Coronation Day 1937.

Scene 30 (2m 41s)

Photo0048. And so is this.

Scene 32 (2m 51s)

First name(s) Richard Thomas Last name(s) Joslin Birth date 02 Jan 1904 Birth day 2 Birth month 1 Birth year 1904 Sex Male Marital status Married Occupation Groom Address Royal Mews,Windser Castle Berks, Windsor Place New Windsor M.B. Borough / district New Windsor M.B. County Berkshire Country England E. D. letter code DTFU Schedule 6 Schedule sub number 37 Archive reference RG101/2059D/006/43 Piece number 2059D Item number 6 Line number 43 Category Census, land & surveys Subcategory Census Collections from Great Britain, England.

Scene 33 (2m 56s)

LER pictures. In September 1958, The Tatler ran a short article on the Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace..

Scene 34 (3m 1s)

contin Training for pageantry. HEAD COACHMAN Richard Joslin (top right) perches on box of State landau. Right: The messenger brougham sets out. This carriage makes a daily "milk-run" around Whitehall con- veying State dispatches to and from Buckingham Palace.

Scene 35 (3m 6s)

1.1 -e. Richard holding the State Whip. Richard, driving the State Landau pulled by two of the famous Windsor Greys.

Scene 36 (3m 11s)

State Landau. Photograph of the Queen's Coachman Richard Joslin seated on the State Landau with the Royal Grey horses Craansford and Eisenhower in harness. Photograph taken in the Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace..

Scene 37 (3m 16s)

Back from 1958, to 1953 and the Coronation of H M Queen Elizabeth II.

Scene 38 (3m 21s)

005. Richard is said to be the 3 rd postillion (rider) drawing the State Gold Coach at The Coronation. I believe my maternal grandfather was one of the liveried servants walking besides the Gold Coach..

Scene 39 (3m 26s)

Queen says riding in her gold state coach is 'horrible ....

Scene 40 (3m 31s)

Richard retired from his work at Buckingham Palace, and was granted a grace and favour residence at The Royal Mews, Hampton Court..

Scene 41 (3m 36s)

User submitted Image.

Scene 42 (3m 41s)

The Royal Household has published great details about Royal Servants in Hampton Court and Buckingham Palaces, but only up to 1924, so they do not included details of members of the Joslin or Chandler households...

Scene 43 (3m 46s)

Find past Who Family tree Search 1921 Census My records Help & more Subscribe C) Royal Household staff 1526-1924 Search over 386,000 Royal Household employment records and discover whether your ancestors worked for the British Royal Family. The records cover staff employed at Royal residences across the I-JK between 1526-1924. This date range includes the reigns of King Charles l, Queen Victoria and King George V. Learn more Useful links First name(s) Name variants Last name C) Name variants Entry to service Give or take My Account All record sets x All fields are optional When Birth year Give or take O -/+ 2yr5 YYYY _/+ 2yrs Death year Give or take -/+ 2yrs Clear search o Q Search Royal Household Staff 1526-1924.

Scene 44 (3m 51s)

Florence, with my father in 1925. Richard, again driving two Windsor Greys..

Scene 45 (3m 56s)

After Florence died in 1974, Richard went to live with my Aunt Joyce in Crawley, Sussex..

Scene 46 (4m 1s)

He died, aged 80, in 1985..