Roll-Out of the Life Safety Rules & Stop Work Authority

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Roll-Out of the Life Safety Rules & Stop Work Authority.

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Roll-Out of the Life Safety Rules & Stop Work Authority.

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Purpose. To empower the employee to stop work if hazardous or dangerous situation is imminent. To establish process by which investigation will be carried out if any violation of life safety rules is observed Managing violation of life safety rules by contractors that includes prohibition from further work with CMC based on the result of the investigation..

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Stop work authority program. The right of an Employee or Contractor at any level to halt a job or task when a dangerous or hazardous situation appears imminent, with the purpose of avoiding or mitigating injury to a person, or a release or other action that may result in damage or harm to the environment or to equipment, processes, or property..

Scene 6 (1m 56s)

CMC Materials Life Safety Rules. Confined Space Entry Critical PPE Requirements Hot Work Requirements Energy Isolation Machine Safety Control Energized Electrical Work Fall Protection & Elevated Work Safe Work Permit Obey STOP Work Calls.

Scene 7 (2m 12s)

Life safet y rules – 1 Bypassing of safety controls or Interlocks.

Scene 8 (2m 32s)

Life safet y rules – 2 Confined space entry (permit or non-permit confined spaces).

Scene 9 (2m 58s)

Failing to use or wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when it has been determined to be critical to protection of Employees working in high-hazard activities. Failing to properly wear a respirator where short-term, long-term exposure limits will be exceeded or where an immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH) atmosphere is present. Failing to properly wear chemical hazard PPE as required by an applicable Chemical Handling Program or where exposures or contact to highly hazardous chemicals may occur..

Scene 10 (3m 25s)

Working at unprotected locations in excess of 3 metres above grade without meeting 100% Personal Fall Protection and tie-off requirements (exceptions include work platforms equipped with permanent guardrails, work on scaffolding and stairways with fully installed handrails and mid-rails, and while climbing/descending/working on portable ladders), or Violating any other aspect of an applicable Fall Protection Program..

Scene 11 (3m 50s)

Performing unauthorized work on or with energized electrical components or systems, as defined by an applicable Electrical Safety Program..

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Scene 13 (4m 31s)

Initiating hot work without obtaining a valid permit, where required, Failing to identify and remove flammable material before beginning work, Failing to comply with the applicable provisions of a required permit, and Failing to monitor for the presence of combustible or flammable gases when performing hot work in hazardous areas where such hazards may be present ..

Scene 14 (4m 53s)

Knowingly conducting potentially hazardous work outside of established procedure, training, or in violation of an established Job Safety Analysis, Safe Work permit, or Safe Work Plan..

Scene 15 (5m 7s)

Knowingly circumventing, defeating, ignoring or otherwise disregarding a valid Stop Work Call before it has been cleared or resolved, as provided in this Program..

Scene 16 (5m 23s)

Life safet y rules investigation team. Business Unit Production Director, or equivalent Site/Business Director or Manager, Director – Global Environmental, Health and Safety, Business Unit Human Resources Director/Manager Legal Department Representative Other individuals, as deemed appropriate by CMC management..

Scene 17 (5m 40s)

Violation of life safety rules. STOP. DISCIPLINARY ACTION.

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Scene 19 (6m 35s)

What happens next. Upon hire and annually thereafter, each CMC Employee must receive training on the requirements of this policy. Each Employee must sign a statement confirming their understanding of the Life Safety Rules and Stop Work Authority Program on an annual basis. This statement must be signed in conjunction with the Employee’s attestation of compliance with the CMC Code of Business Conduct. 3 All CMC sites must post the Life Safety Rules in a conspicuous location, so they are visible to all Employees and Contractors..