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[Audio] The Revenue management team's vision is to build NRM muscle to deliver our business net revenue, NOPBT and share of market ambition. Part of our journey to success is our playbooks and training, best practice sharing from all over the world and our Sponsors and mentors.

Playbooks & training

Best practice sharing

Net revenue NOPBT Share of Market

Sponsors & Mentors

NRM Vision:

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[Audio] The NRM SSA Team has evolved from a team of 4 members in 2020 to a team of 10. We have HsiaoWey as our NRM VP, the team is lead by Halil, our Senior Director. The team is split into three categories, Essential foods, Packaged food and beverages and Franchise and exports. In Essential foods we have Shaun as Director with a NRM manager and 2 trade spend managers, Roxanne and Travis. On Packaged food and beverages we have Rex looking after South Africa snacks and Bart looking after South Africa groceries with 2 trade spend managers. On Franchise and exports you have Es, that's me. You will notice that each of our pictures is personal and showing something about us as people outside of work. Where many people see NRM as looking after price only, we actually collaborate across teams throughout the business, looking at multiple factors to inform our strategies. So… if you think of running from us, don't. Shaun will catch you. If he is too slow because he is a long distance athlete, Rex will be short on your tail on his bike. Roxanne's two pups, Milla and Caesar, will sniff you out while Bart will write a song all about it, and don't even think of spinning a story, I have 3 kids, I've heard it all.

Franchise & Exports

Packaged Food & Beverages

HsiaoWey NRM VP Halil NRM Sr Director

Essential Foods

Es NRM Manager

Rex Bart Vacancies NRM Manager NRM Manager

Trade Spend Mngr Roxanne Trade Spend Mngr Vacancy Shaun Director Travis

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[Audio] Our team animation characters… we believe we can relate with Scooby doo, solving mysteries by looking at clues and facts. Every episode of Scooby Doo contains a penultimate scene in which the heroes unmask the seemingly supernatural antagonist to reveal a real person in a costume – just like we look at the problem posed by the business and unmask it by utilizing facts & figures to solve the mystery … and even when the gang isn't actively searching for them, mysteries just have a way of falling into our laps. Just like Scooby doo is a group of friends, so are we. I can say, from the bottom of my heart, what we are most proud of, is the team dynamic. We take the time to get to know each other, we hang out after work, we get coffee together, do quick catch-up zoom calls. We always have each other's backs and we are always available to help each other out… we are personally invested in each others success as we believe our team is our enduring advantage. Thank you.