Types of roots

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Types of roots

By Rital Ashraf

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Parts of a plant

Parts of a plant Shoot tip petiole Stem Flower Leaf Lateral shoot Lateral bud Root system

Flower- to protect the seeds. Leaf- to produce food for the plant by photosynthesis. Stem- Supports plants and transports water and minerals to the leaves. Roots - absorbs water and minerals from the soil.

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P arts of THE root


Epidermis is the outer layer of a root. Root hairs are threadlike projection from a plant root that soak up moisture. Root cap covers the tip of the root to protect it while it pushes into the ground. Cortex is located under the epidermis in which food and nutrients are stored.

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Types of roots

Few cneaTe Climbing Types of Roots Fibrous roots Momspresso Tap root Tuberous Breating or roots Aerial roots Floating roots

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Types of roots

Arieal roots are roots that never touch the ground. They absorb water from rain and air rather than soil. Fibrous roots are thin, branching roots that do not grow deep into the ground, but often cover a very wide area. Taproots have a single, main stalk like root that grows deep into the ground. Prop roots usually grow at the bottom of a plant’s stem. They prop up and support the plant.

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